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Pangea power cords
I wondered about them too, so I ordered the 14 gauge model to try on my Jolida CDP. It seems to be well-made and flexible. On a whim, I decided to try it on my Sony HDTV, since it only accepts the small plug size of the Pangea. I've noticed a subt... 
Cartridge Upgrade for NAD 533
Denon DL-160. 
Best Blu Ray video and for 2 channel transport?
Undertow....I have the Panny 35 and it does NOT have 2-channel analog outs. You have to get the 55 for those. 
Usher BE-718 Crossover Question
I believe that Danny Ritchie of GR-Research designed that crossover. You might post your question on the GR-Research Forum on Audiocircle. 
Bookshelf Speakers That Bolt or Screw Into Stands
Check out the x-ls monitors from I have a pair from an earlier production run and they are designed that way. Not sure if they still are. 
Jeff Beck's Bass Player on Crossroads??
Her name is Tal Wilkenfeld and she has a web page using her name. 
Vacation Home System
Check out the x-ls line from for speakers. Add an Oppo 970 and a used NAD 320 or 325BEE integrated. 
looking for a good bookshelf moniter
The x-ls from$219) would bring you great musical satisfaction. 
Klipsch RB-51 vs Epos ELS-3 for a small room?
Neither. Check out the x-ls from 
Best integrated or receiver w/phono for $1K?
Used Unison Research Unico. 
Tube integrated w/ phono
A used Unison Research Unico would fit your needs and your budget. 
Signal Cable or Audio Art Cable for best budget...
I have no experience with Signal Cable, but I did replace VH Audio Pulsars with Audio Art IC-3's in my system, so I highly recommend the Audio Art. Talk to Audio Art and see what they might recommend. 
Need advice on Unico 12AU7 tube rolling
I like the sound of Brimar 13D5 tubes in my Unico. They are a 12AU7 type tube and are NOS, which stands for New Old Stock. You can find them on ebay, but a more reliable source might be Tubemonger. 
best tube for unico cd & 80w amp.
My advice would be to make sure that you've listened to the combination long enough to fully know how they sound. Then, change the tubes in only one component at a time to see if you like the results. Personally, I like Brimar 13D5's in my Unico amp. 
Tube rolling suggestions for Unison Unico
The best sound I've achieved with my Unico is with Brimar 13D5 tubes.