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Has Anyone Uesed A PrimaLuna Amp With Harbeth Speaker's
You might want to read Herb Reichert's review of the Monitor 30.2 40th Anniversary Edition in the current issue of Stereophile.  
noisy tube preamp
Jim McShane is a respected tube seller in the Chicago area. 
High-End Standmounts: KEF LS50W vs. NOLA Boxer II vs. Revel M106
+1 on Sierra 2's! 
I picked up a ROKU, I am wanting to cut the Cable TV cord.
Happy that your setup is now working.  You may have encountered the same unusual problem that I had on Thursday. I got a "not connected to the server" message when trying to use my ROKU to view a movie on Prime.  I tried Netflix on the ROKU and it... 
Upgraded to Tidal today
I made the same move a couple of months ago and agree that the Tidal jazz catalog is quite good.   
Simple copper speaker terminal jumpers? Lost my originals.
How about these: 
Where To Buy Cable Elevators/Risers?
These are cheap and work well. 
Don Sach's pre amp
You might want to read the threads in the Tube-o-Phile circle on the audiocircle site. 
Chromecast Audio would work with a cheap rca splitter cable. 
Which Budget Friendly Floorstanders Next?
+1 on the Sierra 2's! 
ascend sierra tower with raal or Focal Aria 936
I don't have the towers, but I do have the Sierra 2's. I find them very non-fatiguing. The RAAL tweeter is excellent. 
Need FLEXIBLE Power Cord .
Triode Wire Labs 
Recommedations for bestt interconnects for phono cable inputs at $100 or less
Audio Sensibility Impact SE comes in regular RCA and dedicated phono configurations and both are loosely in your price range.  
Comparing these CD players with my gear...
+1 on the Marantz SA8005. 
Bookshelf Speaker Recommendations
If you're leaning toward the Ascend Sierra 2, that's a good direction to lean! I've been very happy with mine.