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Isolation Cones/Bearings placement on CD Transport
In no way do I mean this to be a flippant reply, but you should just try both arrangements and determine for yourself which you prefer. Your ears with your equipment beats anyone writing and telling you what to do. 
Time Coherent Under $1K
I can't comment on the sound of the Europas, although I have no doubt they are wonderful. I can comment on the Swifts, since I am a happy owner. Given your room and the Cayin, I think you would be very happy with them. The Swifts will disappear so... 
Best Floorstanding Speaker under $1000 USD
Used Meadowlark Swifts or older Kestrals. 
Jolida JD 100a - help w/Buzz when using headphones
No other mods, just some tube rolling. If you contact Verastarr, you want to order the deluxe damping treatment that they use in their mod package. It's $10 more than the standard package..around $40, as I recall. Mike should be able to tell you i... 
Jolida JD 100a - help w/Buzz when using headphones
The chassis damping material with the copper shielding is available from VeraStarr. I have the treatment inside my JD100 and think it makes for a nice, if subtle, improvement in the sound. I don't know how it would work for your buzz problem. 
You should consider the FLEXYGY 6 from River Cable Technologies. Very reasonably priced with a 30-day home trial. More importantly....they sound great! 
Speaker System Recomendations please...
Check out a system from Axiom. 
Need a smaller, efficient floorstander
Meadowlark Swift. 
PS Audio cables, Anyone heard them?
There's no doubt that the PS Audio cables are well-made. When I used the xStream Statement IC's with an original Rega Planet, the results were excellent. However, when I changed to a Jolida JD100, I sensed a loss of coherence. I switched to Rs Sol... 
Need good speaker cable for modest system.
River Cables FLEXYGY. 
Mullard 12au7 cv4003 tubes? any good?
I'm using them in my Unico, and I prefer them to the stock tubes and the other tubes I've tried(RCA Clear Tops, cryoed Radiotechnique, EH). I have not compared them to earlier Mullards. I bought them from Mr. Stereo here on Audiogon. Since tubes a... 
newbie 1st post 2 channel reccomendations.
I think it will be easier for you to receive more useful recommendations if you post again after your upcoming audition. Explain what you liked or didn't like about listening to that system. That will give you and those who would make recommendati... 
Spk cable with deep,lush,spacious sound....
You might check out the FLEXYGY from River Cable Technologies. After reading a review on Positive Feedback, I decided to try them, since their cost is reasonable for the 5M length my system requires. I'm very happy with the purchase, as they took ... 
Good CD Player for UR Unico
I'm using a Jolida JD100 with mine, and I think it is an excellent combination. It fits your price range nicely. 
Clamp for Rega Planar 2?
You could always try this one, available here on Audiogon.