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I miss my Tubes
You could check out the Cayin TA-30 available from Audiogon member Bizzybee I believe that damaged carton units can be had for as little as $599. Many options are available. BTW, I'm an equally satisfied Unico owner, but I'... 
I need some suggestions for some new speakers...
If you like the sound of your Axioms, then you could always move-up in the Axiom line to M60's or M80's. Another good choice would be Meadowlark Swifts, especially for imaging. 
integrated amp that matches well w/ Soliloquy 5.3s
I have a friend who uses a Sim Moon I-5080 in a system with Sol 5.3's to good effect. I believe that has now been replaced with the I-3. I would, however, highly recommend the Unico. 
Favorite integrated amp?
I'd recommend a Unison Research Unico(new or used), which is great for jazz, and which should work well with the speakers you mentioned. 
Tube suggestions for Unison Unico 80watt
I tried RCA Clear Tops, EH, and Radiotechnique(cryoed) before settling on Mullards as the ones that sounded best to my system. It's really a matter of personal preference when changing tubes. 
Rolled off highs with unison unico: any solutions
I recommend you try the Solid Silver IC's from RS Cables($99) in place of your current Tara Labs. They work very well between my Unico and Jolida JD100. They will extend your highs, but are not bright. They do need the recommended 100 hour burn-in... 
Upgrade my Jolida on the cheap
Have you tried different tubes in your Jolida? If not, then I would recommend you start there. One of the benefits of tubes is changing them to suit your listening tastes. 
A personal challenge
Congratulations to Jeff and to everyone else who has quit! I quit cold turkey 30 years ago using the rationale that I could buy more records if I was't buying cigarettes. In my case, a definite relationship between music and health! 
Joilda or Music Hall for Hybrid Amp?
I use the Jolida CDP in a system with a Unico and Meadowlark Swifts and it sounds wonderful. Your source component is very important, so I don't think that money spent there is wasted. As for the Music Hall, I would not buy it solely on the basis ... 
Integrated Amp -- $1,500 or less.
A Unico would be a solid choice. Buy a used one from the listings and use the rest of your budget for music, cables, etc. 
Rega Planet 2000 vs. Jolida LD-100
Although I have not listened to the Planet 2000, I did own the original Planet for many years. I recently replaced it with the Jolida, and I am very pleased with the sound. The Jolida is more dynamic and lively, and gives you the opportunity to ta... 
Best Used CD Under $800? Cary MF Rega Tjoeb...
The Jolida JD-100 is an easy recommendation. There's a huge thread on it in the Digital section. Check it out. The nice thing about tubes is that you have the ability to tailor the sound to your taste through tube rolling.Gerry 
Halo Audio SET amps,,,,,,,,any one heard of em' ??
I believe those were made by Antique Sound Labs for Audio Oasis. Check the Audio Oasis web site. 
Help with NAD C320BEE brightness. Break-in???
The "Missing Link" is an inexpensive/effective step to take. 
Where to use aftermarket power cords?
I think a reasoned approach would be to purchase a cord of your choice and try it in your system in each of the components you mention. The impressions you get will be based on your experience with your system....not anyone elses.