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Any jumper suggestions for a VSA VR-4?
For an inexpensive solution, and to see if you like jumpers, I would recommend the Mapleshade ribbon jumpers. 
I need a physically flat or small subwoofer....
You might check out Aperion Audio. They make a nice small sub, but I don't know if it's as small as your looking for or if it fits the budget you had in mind. 
Meadowlark Swift vs. VonSchweikert VR-1
I own the Swifts, but have not heard the VR-1's. The Swifts will have more bass and save the expense of good stands for the VR-1's. By all accounts, the VR-1's are also great speakers, so as always, it comes down to your listening preferences and ... 
Triangle Titus 202 + SS amp=???
Why don't you consider Axiom M22Ti's? They are well-reviewed, cheaper than the Triangles, and should mate well with your amp and sub. You buy factory direct and have 30 days to try them. 
Problem with rear firing bass port
A good deal is NOT a good deal if you buy a speaker that won't work in your room. 
Who are the Jazz Cats on Audiogon?
Uh-huh!! That's me!Gerry 
Former Spica owners ... what did you trade up to ?
I replaced TC-60's with Meadowlark Swifts. The Swifts are more dynamic and less veiled, but the Spica's threw a wider soundstage in my room. Great speakers, but I got tired of them visually and the Swifts integrate with my room better in that rega... 
what's my problem?
Like I said above, I find the combination of the Unico and Meadowlark Swift's to be quite good. The Swift's fit your budget and are visually(not sonically) "small" in a room. 
what's my problem?
I definitely don't think the Unico is your problem. You admit that the speakers overpower the room with bass energy. The Unico actually is rated to deliver 120w into 4 ohms, so it has plenty of "juice" for the NHT's. You provide your own answer, i... 
Epos M12 as a replacement ???
You might consider Meadowlark Swallow's, if you're wanting monitors, or Swift's if you're open to smaller floorstanders. I use a Unico with the Swift's, and find the combination to be dynamic and airy.Gerry 
Anyone with experience on the PS Audio XStream IC
I replaced HT Truthlinks in my system with a pair of xStream Statements with good results. Not a night and day difference, but good enough to keep them. I tried them in a friend's system(who was also using Truthlinks), and HE wanted to keep them. ...