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DH Labs Revelations or other options??
You might try the Audio Art IC-3's, which are better than Rs Solid Silver in my system. You can read reviews here on Audiogon. 
Best pair of $ 1500 speakers to match with Rotel?
Since Axiom has a trial period, why don't you order them and find out for yourself? The reviews of the M80TI's are universally good, but trying them in person is the only way to know if they suit your equipment, your room, and your listening tastes. 
Looking for Jazz emsembles with a guitar flair
Check out some of the releases by Russell Malone. 
Cartridge choices under $300
A Denon DL-160 at $180 would be a good choice. 
Amp for new Meadowlark Krestel 2's ?
I'm using a Unison Research Unico with my Meadowlark Swifts, and like that combination. I think the Unico would also do nicely with the Kestral 2's. 
takes on river cable flexygy 6?
I replaced Analysis Plus Oval 12 in my system with Flexygy 6 and have been very pleased with it. The sound is balanced top to bottom without any brightness. I can't compare to Kimber or Bluejeans. 
a very good, compatible cartridge for Rega P3
I just put a Denon DL-160 on my Planar 3 and couldn't be happier. Much more musically satisfying than the Elys I was using. Read about it in the Reviews section. $180 from Needle Doctor. 
Need quality flexible power cord for CD player....
The Rs Cables Kevlar Starchord is very flexible and sounds good on digital components. 
Amplifier suggestions for EE Minimax/Soliloquy 6.3
Look into something from the Odyssey line. I believe a new Khartago(110w) is in the $750 range and there's a used Stratos Extreme(150w) for sale right now for $1100. Do a search for Odyssey. 
Help choosing CD player and cables
Jolida JD100A CDP and Chris VenHaus Cryoed Pulsar IC's are a great combo. I'd also recommend River Cable Flexygy 6 speaker cable. 
Introducing Tubes?
Jolida JD100A or Eastern Electric MiniMax CDP. 
interconnect suggestions for Unison Research Unico
You don't mention if you like your current sound or what you're hoping to achieve with the new IC's. Your listed choices would seem to indicate that you don't find your system "bright", and want resolution above any "warmth". I've found that the b... 
Floorstanders for small rooms? Budget $1200 used
Meadowlark Swifts would work well in that room, and they can usually be had in the $700-$800 range used. 
I Need Some "Modern Groove" Jazz Suggestions
That's an exhaustive list of things in my music collection! But, your taste is your taste. Try "Elastic" by Joshua Redman and yaya3. 
Best tracks to "show off" your system
I'll second Celtic66's recommendation of "Wood".