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Cable info
I use the Acoustic BBQ(16g Dueland wire) IC's made and sold by grannyring on this site with my Node 2.  Very pleased. 
Has anybody compared the Brooklyn DAC or Brooklyn DAC plus to the Liberty DAC
If you haven't read it, Art Dudley gives the Liberty a "very highly recommended" review in the November Stereophile. 
Budget SS integrated with great timing and immediacy up to 2k used?
Belles Aria. 
Opinions on these budget integrateds?
I have experience with both the Unison Research Unico(original) and the Belles Aria.  I've used the Unico for 15 trouble free years, and still use it in a second system.  I recently switched to the Aria when I found a good deal on a used one.  I w... 
My Long List of Amplifiers and My Personal Review of Each!
viber6 keeps referencing Roger "Majeski".  The correct spelling of his last name is Modjeski. 
Single box (Streamer + DAC+ Amplifier ) under $1000
PS Audio Sprout100 for $599 + Chromecast. 
Spatial Audio M4 Turbo S. Is its design competitive with other baffleless speakers?
Use the search function on this site for reviews by owners. 
Any Way To Damp Ringing Stands Without Adding Weight???
I have the 4 post Pangea stands.  I used the closed cell foam pipe insulation as referenced above.  Seems to work well, as I don't feel any vibration with music playing.  I decided to try this because I once used similar inserts designed to be ins... 
Comparing Ribbon Tweeters - Golden Ear vs. Ascend Sierra
I have not heard any GE speakers, but as a satisfied owner of Ascend Sierra 2's, I can say that the RAAL tweeters are very detailed and not fatiguing. 
Most musical valved cd player found used for under $1,000
Jolida JD100 
Has Anyone Uesed A PrimaLuna Amp With Harbeth Speaker's
You might want to read Herb Reichert's review of the Monitor 30.2 40th Anniversary Edition in the current issue of Stereophile.  
noisy tube preamp
Jim McShane is a respected tube seller in the Chicago area. 
High-End Standmounts: KEF LS50W vs. NOLA Boxer II vs. Revel M106
+1 on Sierra 2's! 
I picked up a ROKU, I am wanting to cut the Cable TV cord.
Happy that your setup is now working.  You may have encountered the same unusual problem that I had on Thursday. I got a "not connected to the server" message when trying to use my ROKU to view a movie on Prime.  I tried Netflix on the ROKU and it... 
Upgraded to Tidal today
I made the same move a couple of months ago and agree that the Tidal jazz catalog is quite good.