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How come there is no thread on the RealityCheck?
My vote goes for that Clever Lil clock, That has to be the best tweak in 40 years. Something about that orange dot. Just imagine what a clever Lil Mickey Mouse stop watch could do. 
cd player opinions please
I will second Stanhifi on the Canary CD-100 being better than the Prima. Never heard the 303/200. 
Which preamp........for sonic bliss????
I would add the Superphon Revelation 111 to your list, $1900.00 gets you one great preamp. It bettered the Pass X1 in my system. Quailty parts thruout, Jenson 4 pole caps, Dact stepped volume control, Vampire Jacks to name a few. This preamp just ... 
Mint Condition, Doesn't Anyone Know What It Means
I think it means it is in mint condition. 
Has anyone compared Ayre K-1x to Pass X-1
I have not compaired the pass X1 to the Ayre K-1x but have compaired the new Superphon Revelation 111 to the Pass X1. the Superphon 111 in my system was superior. Placement of instruments dead on, Huge soundstage, bass tight and deep with Lush Mid... 
Wife Acceptance Factor
Its Moonlight and pretzels the first year and then downhill the rest of the way. Spend Spend Spend NOW. 
Humming sound from my speakers
I had the same problem and changed IC from preamp to amp. I went from a expensive IC to a cheaper IC and the hum went away. Go figure. 
What do you hear?
I hear my local AM broadcast, news, local weather,sports from right speaker. Howard Stern from left speaker. 
pre-amp with home theatre pass through
Pass Labs X2.5 
Amp and wiring for theta Casablanca 5.1
Ricco9, more info needed, what is your budget for a amp(s) and what speakers will you be using? You will need a 5 channel amp or a 2 channel and 3 channel amp for home theater. 
Tired of my crappy remote. Any suggestions?
Forget the remote and treat yorself to a pair of Dr. Scholl's memory fit insoles, much cheaper than a new remote and great excerise for those long listening sessions 
Best CDP in the $4k to $8k range
Audiomeca Mephisto 11.x if you can audition is a excellent player. Canary Audio just realeased the CD-100 tube player that uses a Sony Transport and Sony's latest 24/192 dac. I borrowed this Canary unit from a friend and have been listening to it ... 
What is the quietest preamp you've used?
Solid State - KLYNE AUDIO ARTS 7LX3.5/B using balancedTube - FIRST SOUND 
Markering of CD Edges
Marco, If i ever stop laughing I am going to try to fit 200 Fred's and 1 Dino on my cd's. 
Preamp for H20 Signature S250
Pass Labs X 2.5 has the features you are looking for. Can be found used here on Gon for around $1800.00