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Life without a remote
Rockvirgo, Yup remote and the Cat. 
Life without a remote
I trained my dog to adjust the volume. 2 doggie treats for up 1 for dowm. 
what are the thoughts of stand alone super tweeter
I have been using Townshend Super Tweeter for many years and I won't pretend to know the tech mumbo jumbo behind them but I will say if you add them to your speakers you will never listen to music without them. 
Hiss at addition in system LAMM L2
Tvad agreed on the loss of transparency with the Rothwells but its the only thing I have found to work to eliminate the AM radio leaking through to the speakers. Shielded cables help but the Rothwells completely eliminate it. Strange as it may sound. 
Hiss at addition in system LAMM L2
FWIW In various tubed preamps I have had good luck reducing hiss by using Rothwell Atennuators at the amps input(s) also they have elimated AM radio leaking through my speakers. 
Estate Sale Find
Thanks for the responce gents. Undertow The basement looked in fairly good condition. But it does get humid in the summer months. With the holiday I have not had a chance to fire them up and wanted to get some opinions before I do. Rich thanks for... 
Ever feel like we are going nowhere here?
I agree its like watching a soap opera you can stay away for months come back and not miss a beat. 
Doge 8 or YS A2 or Jungson J2?
The Doge 8 pre and Doge 6 CDP are both as Clio09 puts it giant killers. I have had units 4X the cost of the Doge units and can honestly say the Doge sounds as good and even better than those higher priced units. Highly recommended units and at the... 
Best DIY tweak?
"Best Tweak" Just sit and listen. Costs nothing and you might find your system sounds good. 
anyone remember the RGR preamp from the early 80's
Yes, I owned the RGR Model 4 preamp and till this day regret selling it. It had an excellent Phono section and was truly way ahead of its time. I saw one listed on AA early this year at $175. 
How LONG have you been an AUDIOGONER'?
Signed up 11/02 and have enjoyed the forums and great Goners I have met and dealt with. 
Where are you today?
Solid state to tubes back to solid state back to tubes back to solid state back to tubes back to solid state and now back to tubes. All in the past year. Who said this wasn't a fun hobby? 
Tube CD player w/ balanced output
I will highly recommend the Doge 6 tube player for above your price but a absolute steal at $1399 from Pacific Valve or Cattylink which is a little cheaper even with a 2 day ship from China. This player will compete with players 4 x its price. 
Good budget cables?
Audio Art cables 
Opinions on Wyred 4 Sound ICE amps
The SX 250s are on loan from a friend. He did consider the others you mention and the input buffer swayed him towards the WFS. No regrets.