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Digital Amp's
Muralman1, since I have seemed to ruffle some feathers I have only heard in my system the 2 class D amps I mention above in my post. Of those 2 class D amps I auditioned, my class A amps have a wider soundstage, better front to back imaging and de... 
Digital Amp's
Eldartford, In my world, in my system, a 100 watt Class A amps sound the best. In your world, digital 600 Watt amps float your boat thats fine. To each there own. 
Digital Amp's
I have tried the PS Audio HCA-2 and recently Channel Island D-100 Both excellent amps but like Audioengr give me a Class A SS amp. 
Tannoy Super Tweeter ST 100
I can reccommend the Townshend Maximum Super Tweeter, borrowed a pair from a friend for a week and purchased a pair for myself. 
Breaking in a new amp
Low volume is fine. 
Jungson JA88D anyone?
For what its worth, I use Jungson JA-100 Monoblocks and also use the JA-99c in a HT setup. I have had Classe Cam-350, Bryston 7b ST, Gamu-T 250 to name a few and the Jungson amps to my ears are the best. Bass is deep and tight with super smooth Mi... 
Reimyo DAP 777 - looking for a good transport
Tpg, I own the Reimyo CDP and have auditioned the DAP and to my ears you get 70% of the CDP it is that good. Never had the oppurtunity to give the Exempler 3910 a listen but 70% of the Reimyo CDP is not bad for a third of the price of the CDP. 
Reimyo CDP 777
I'll second Eril responce, It is in a class of its own. I only have about 100 hrs on mine and it totaly blows away every player I have heard (Wadia,AA Capitole,Audiomeca,Accuphase)and at its retail price It should. 
Reimyo DAP 777 - looking for a good transport
Pardales, The price new just went from $4495 to $5200 in part of the sagging US dollar overseas. Harmonix also just released upgraded units. Cosmeticaly they are identical they just added the same tuning feet as on the CDP-777. They also improved ... 
Help my speakers are farting,,,,
I think it may be a case of girlfriend doing the dreaded one cheek sneak. 
Help my speakers are farting,,,,
As long as you sit downwind you should be fine. 
No, throw them out or use them as coasters. 
Dunlavy SM-1 Resale Value
I have seen here on gon for as low as $700 and as high as $1200 in great shape. I guess it depends on how fast you have to unload them. 
What's Audiophile CD Player?
Audiomecca Mephisto 11.X To my ears the best I have heard. 
When is it time to up grade?
When those evil upgrade gods whisper in my ears, or every week which ever comes first.