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Opinions on Wyred 4 Sound ICE amps
I currently have a pair of modded SX 250s in my system and I am very impressed with the sound and build quality. 
Tube sound with no tubes
I would suggest taking a look at the Artemis LA-1. If changing tubes is that much of an issue you won't need to often with this pre. It uses 2 5687 dual triode tubes one for each channel and only heats 1 of the 2 triodes. Once the tube goes you sw... 
CD-Player Break in Question
Russb my understanding is that Blackgate caps use small graphite particles between the anode and cathode hence increasing the burn in time. 
CD-Player Break in Question
Agree with Mrtennis Blackgates take 500+ hours to settle in and the sound will go from good to not so good in the break in period. 
Jungson DVD player STILL not working
Jason Scott Distributers is the US Distributers for Jungson. 
What is the optimal temperature/humidity for audio
Nrchy exactly what CDP did you use for the dry brittle sound? I have yet to hear one. 
What is the optimal temperature/humidity for audio
I read that moisture in the air does make a system sound better and laughed at the time. Now I think there may be something to it as I do seem to hear an improvement while listening on humid or rainy days. Go figure. 
Promitheus DAC anyone?
Mrtennis did you at least warm it up before your 3 audio buddies come over for a listen? 
Poll.....what size is your room?
Near Field system not the problem, fitting in my 60 inch TV keeps me up at night. 
Poll.....what size is your room?
25 x 15 x 10 but if I don't stop buying different equipment it will be 4 x 4 x 4 the dog house. 
More than one CD player
I use two CDP one tube and one solid state, as you stated it keeps the listening interesting. 
Class-D amps - a different re view
I was not a fan of class-D amps untill I heard the H20 Signature monoblocks. They changed my mind. 
Bluenote stibbert vs. modified units
Bob, Platinum grade. Had a chance to get the Vibe 2 on the cheap and let it get buy so I use a Mapleshade Heavyhat on top with good results. 
Bluenote stibbert vs. modified units
I use Ediswan CV2492 or Philips E88CC SQ (Holland Plant)Both excellent tubes. The Sound Fusion suspension kit is a must. Enjoy the Stibbert. 
brass outlet covers...anyone try them? Sound good
I bet matching light switches in your dedicated listening room could only add to the superior sonics of those wall plates.