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Budget DVD suggestions?
The Pioneer DV-578A will do SACD and DVD audio and video plus much more for $129. I believe Audio Advisor sells these units. 
multi-amp's other than Parasound w/ gain controls?
The Cinepro 3K611 is an awesome 6 channel amp with gain controls for all channels on the front faceplate. There is one for $1950obo here on Audiogon. 
ultimate final word best cd set up
Audio Aero Prima CDP. I believe it retails for $2200.You won't find a better player at the price or double. 
DVD players with best image quality?
If CD playback is not an issue the Camelot Roundtable is still one of the best for video. Just my 0.02c. 
Optical or Coaxial?
1. Coax2. Yes 
DVD upgrade for 2 Ch music with Parasound C2?
The C2 is a great unit, if you are happy with the video quality of the panasonic then I would spend the cash elsewhere. 
Amp burn-in..Best technique
Low level will do fine. 
Best monoblocks around 3-4k used for revel studios
Jungson JA-50 pure class A momoblocks rated at 80 watts rms are a steal at $2500 a pair from sekei.com. They will drive your studios with ease. I have a pair driving VSA VR5 HSE and they are as close to a tube amp in ss that I have heard.Built lik... 
Subwoofer for two channel system
I use a VSA VR-S1 in my 2 channel system. Deep,fast and tight. 
Besides Audio, what other ''passion'' do you have?
When your preamp doesn't match your amp
In some cases buzzing from your speakers. GamuT amps have a piano switch for lack of a better term that allows you to match the impedance of your preamp. 
Sim Audio Eclipse vs Audio Mecca Mephisto ll X
I own the Audio Mecca Mephisto IIX. I have not compaired it to the Sim Audio Eclipse but have compaired it to other top players, AA Capitole, Wadia 861SE and Accuphase 75V. To my ears the Audio Mecca bested them all. Huge soundstage and most analo... 
Sub to match B&W Sig. 805
A buddy of mine uses N805 and the HTM-1 with Dual VSA VR-S/1 mini subs. They blend well with the B&Ws. He has all speakers set to small and his crossover is 80Hz. Sounds good in his room. For the record I own dual VSA VR-S/3 the big brother of... 
Regarding people selling equipment to U.S.A. only
I purchased a couple of amps from a gent in Toronto Canada. I mailed out a postal money order priority mail which took 8 days to reach him. I live in Buffalo NY and can drive to Toronto in less than a hour and a half. The Amps shipped out the same... 
Best Redbood CD Player Used/New under $7K
I have owned or auditioned Audio Aero Capitole, Wadia 861se,Accuphase DP-75v and Audiomeca Mephisto 11.x and I have to say that Audiomeca to my ears is the most analog sounding CDP of them all. All are excellent players in your budget.Good luck.