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Tube CD-player question
BlueNote Stibbert MK11 tube CDP 
Furniture polish vs. Walker ultra vivid on cd's
Wow Elizabeth would you mind elaborating a little further. 
any audiophiles or audio enthusiasts in BUFFALO NY
I live in Buffalo but its to cold to come out and play.Tvad good move. 
Anyone know how good MHDT Labs Paradisea DAC is?
True, although the price has increased due to word getting out it is well made (quality Parts) great sounding unit. 
Truely Balanced Pre Amps
Threshold T2, will still compete with other fully balanced preamps. 
improving digital amp sound
I had the same issue with digital amps sounding lean and clinical. I purchased a set of Nuforce Ref 9s and had them modded by RAM. after 200 hours break in these amps are far from lean and clinical they sound awesome. I'm now using a tube pre but ... 
Tweaks and upgrades that aren't gimmicks
Yearly removal of earwax but don't try this yourself as the eardrum is a delicate instrument. Ok, if you are a do it yourselfer approach with extreme caution using a 12 volt drill and a Q-tip. 
Passive Pre - No Regrets?
I went to a Bent Audio TAP TVC based passive and to my ears its the best move I have made. I went from tube preamps Vac, Canary Audio, First Sound to name a few and active SS preamps, Klyne, Pass, Superphon to name a few to my Dac straight into my... 
Best 1-2K class D or class T amp?
Ric Schultz of EVS has 2 new class D amps being released in about 2 weeks. One is a set of monoblocks that uses a highly tweaked Ice power 1000 ASP module. He used the Bel Canto REF 1000s as comparision and claims they will better them with the tw... 
DAC upgrade: does it worth the money?
Listen to your friends 
Has anyone had good experiences with trading?
I have traded many times without issues on either side. I will only trade with another member with at least 30 positive feedback. 
what is an audiophile ?
Exactly what the spouse is NOT when you fire up the rig. 
Can you suggest a warm high-end CD player?
The Swiss made Orpheus Labs Zero-P CDP Retail $8000.00 is exactly that, warm, warm, warm and accurate. 
Humidity question - please try to answer...
Arthur, so if I move my rig in my bathroom next to the shower stall, this will enchance my listening experience?Interesting. 
Out of curiosity, where does everyone live?
Buffalo New York, now excuse me whilst I go and shovel 2 feet of snow.