Your 5 Stupendous SACD vs Redbook

I have just bought a SACD Player/DAC 6, and would appreciate your top choices of 1-5 SACD in Classical or Jazz, others welcome. I'm most interested in great recordings that you have experience with in the redbook format and then purchased the SACD version and was blown away with the amazing results.

Thank you
I find it absolutely remarkable that there are some many pro-SACD members here yet when it comes to proof,a few years down the line, they cannot even name 5 cd's for Proy.
Here you go Proy. I only have about 70 titles so far, so I'll give you a combination. John Coltrane/Soultrane, Cookin with the Miles Davis Quintet, Dave Brubeck Quartet/Time Out, Mozart Symphonies 38&40/Bruno Walter(Sony), Music of Turina and Debussey/Jesus Lopez-Cobos(Telarc). These are incredible perfomances that I feel can showcase the format. Soultrane is MFSL, and probably the best Redbook I've heard of this disc. I don't usually post over here, but after reading Ben Campbell's post felt I needed to. Hopefully others will chime in with more suggestions. By the way, the first of the Mercury Living Presense catalog hits the shelves Nov.11 and should be amazing. Gary.
Patricia Barber redbook cd's are very well recorded...still the Sacd's take the sound to another level. Try Cafe Blue to start with. There are four P.B. sacd's put out by MFSL.

IMO, the real benefit of sacd and DVD-audio come from new recordings. The three channel Mercury catalog will be very interesting and many other recordings of years gone by also beg to be remastered...BUT, until the market is full of recordings that can take full advantage of DSD it's going to be a bumpy road.

I've listened to good TT/redbook/sacd/Dvd-audio based systems and have not been BLOWN AWAY by the difference between any of these. Multichannel may be the first of the bunch to have this effect on me, I will with hold judgement on that for now but that is the direction I am going to take..with a large grain of salt of course.

No typo Ben. What I meant to say is the SACD layer and Redbook layer are both very good to my ears. They are not the night and day he might be looking for. He's using a DAC6 so everything will probably sound fabulous, but on my SCD-1 I hear big differences with these titles. I don't own any Patricia Barber, but people rave about these being among the best. Gary.
Fidelis Records are outstanding. Someone mentioned Patricia Barber on mobile fidelity they are great as well. I have a couple of Hilary Hahn that are also great. Channel Classics are also worth mentioning. There are so many great SACD recordings available that one simple needs to peruse the various web-sites that sell music on line. The ones I mentioned above are all hybrids where the SACD layer far out performs the red-book layer.

To Ben Campbell, it is not that no one wanted to respond it is just that there are so many, at least in my collection, that to only name five is difficult.
Ah hah I woke you up!
Come on guys Proy asked a good question.
Those in the SACD camp should be promoting the format and giving examples.
Still I continue to see interesting comments.
I also own the Dac6. The Dac6 makes regular CD's sound so good, it is amazing -- could easily eliminate one's dissatisfaction with redbook and digital, but still -- the SACD playback is even better.

Great SACD's --

Alison Krause & Union Station -- Live

Alison Krasue & Union Station -- New Favorite

NYPO, Leonard Bernstein -- Aaron Copland, Appalachian Spring

John Coltrane -- Soultrane

Chet Baker - Chet

Charles Mingus -- Mingus Ah Um

Ray Brown Trio -- Soular Energy

Ray Brown, Monty Alexander, Russel Malone

Art Pepper -- Meets the Rhythm Section

Sonny Rollins -- Saxophone Collosus

Sonny Rollins -- Plus 4

SFSO and MTThomas -- Mahler's 6th

Maazel -- Moussorgsky: Pictures at an Exhibition

The Police -- Entire Collection

Creedence Clearwater -- Bayou Country

Patricia Barber -- Modern Cool
Proy- just wondering, how SACDs did you own before you got the DAC6?

Interesting that EMM Labs' website doesn't list
any list reference recordings, but they do have JTinn.

Anyhow here's some good music on SACD:

Jaco Pastorius Big Band-Word of Mouth Revisited
Michel Camilo-Live at the Blue Note
McCoy Tyner-Land of Giants
Kevin Mahogany-Pride and Joy
Chick Corea- Rendezous in New York

PS- Ben who says there are "some many pro-SACD members here?"
Patricia Barber -- Modern Cool
I have this on vinly also,and the SACD is way good.
Vaughan Williams, "A Sea Symphony" (Atlanta/Spano/Telarc)
Orff, "Carmina Burana (Atlanta/Runnicles/Telarc)
Vivaldi, "La Stavaganza" (Podger/Channel)
Mozart, Serenades (Manze/Hyperion)
French Violin Sonatas (Midori/Sony)

How's that for five?
As to the original question of CDs I have or have heard where the SACD stomps it... (in no particular order and nowhere near limited to five in either case).

1. Glenn Gould's Goldberg Variations
2. Murray Perahia: Chopin Etudes
3. Peter Wispelwey playing Britten Cello Suites
4. Maazel/Cleveland: Mussorgsky Pictures at an Exhibition
5. Ormandy/Philadelphia: Orff's Carmina Burana

1. Bill Evans: Waltz for Debby
2. Al di Meola, John McLaughlin Paco de Lucia: Friday Night in San Francisco
3. Miles Davis: Kind of Blue
4. Charles Mingus: Mingus Ah Um
5. Sonny Rollins: Saxophone Colossus

In addition, there are a whole bunch of SACDs out there where I have not heard the CD (but they sound so good it is tough to imagine they don't stomp the CD). For classical, this includes (but is not limited to) all the SACD releases from the Channel Classic label, the Volodos & Perahia piano recordings on Sony (and a bunch of the older ones: Walter, Bernstein, and Boulez conducting), a bunch of the Pentatones, and ALL of the JSACDs on the Exton label (most of them Ashkenazy conducting the Czech Philharmonic) are great. For jazz, almost everything I have heard beats CD. I have many of the Miles Davis, Thelonius Monk, Brubeck, and other 'jazz greats' discs on SACD and am quite pleased with them.

I haven't received my SACD player or Dac yet, hopefully this month or early December. The answer to your question is I don't own any SACD yet. I wanted to start buying some good recordings before it arrives. I do appreciate all of your SACD choices, hopefully others on the gon will also.

Thank you
equipment makes a huge difference plying Mahler 3rd with Boulez sacd which is red book compatible using the dennon 2700 for sacd playback,sounded poor.However playing the same cd on Meridian 800
in the cd mode sounded great by far superior to tha sacd playback on a poor player.By the way I find by far the best sound is provided by the unreasonably expensive XRCD JVC.
Just found this thread, there ya go, Ben! :-) I'd recommend any of the three discs in the current SFO Symphony Mahler cycle, the 6th Symphony in particular for the Hammers of Fate in the final movement; the Vaughnn-Williams Sea Symphony, Music of Turina and Debussy and Berloz Symphonie Fantastique on Telarc; the Linn Records Poulenc Organ Concerto; any of the Alison Krause discs, particularly New Favorite; the Channel Records Wispelway disc with the Saint Saens Cello Concerto, among other works; the Pentatone Schumann Symphonies 1 and 3, a surprise to me, a lot of those old Philips recordings are better than I thought; the Philips Dvorak 8th and 9th Symphonies with Fischer and the Budapest; the Mozart Symphonies 39 and 41 with the Orchestra of St. Lukes (their own label, I believe); and a bunch more that I don't have time to list.
There are too many great titles to list! Search and see what kind of ratings other's have given the music you are looking for prior to purchase. Of course there are exceptions, for example when its a favorite piece of music and has not yet been rated! But it gives you a guide line of where things are. Good luck on your quest for music, and as a fellow Emm labs owner- you made a WISE decision.