Stupendous or dim-witted?

I am contemplating taking my system to the next level, well who doesn't? But this is rather...shall we say a radical approach?

I have a Xindak SCD-2 on order. (a SACD player with a 396A dual triode based output stage, featuring analogue volume control and XLR/RCA output) Also in the offing is the imminent decision to take the plunge for an Atma-Sphere M-60 MK II.3 OTL. Also at hand is a Sonic Frontier L-1 tube pre (6DJ8 based), Anthem Amp 1 (EL34 based 40W push-pull) and a trusty old Rotel solid state(135 SS Watts). And sitting at the top of the "food chain" are the bi-wirable Martin Logan Aerius-i's.

Here's the "Plan" :
Using the XLR output of the SCD-2 run the OTLs directly into Mid/Hi frequency section (electrostatic panels) and use the RCA output via the tube pre to the Rotel or the Anthem Amp-1 to drive the LF section of the speakers in a bi-amp, bi-wire configuration.

If you could spare your expert opinion:
1. Is this the smartest of all moves or the dumbest? (Anyone with similar previous experience, please help)
2. Should I use the Rotel or use the Anthem and keep the SS devil few blocks away?
3. Should I forgo the ability to control the LF output and do away with the tube pre as well and call myself the ‘purist’?

I listen to Diana Krall, Nora Jones and Jacintha (Yeah, I know they all look good as much as the sound)

Thanks guys,
whew...lots of questions. You are ready to experiment so go ahead and try what you will. Just be careful that you don't outsmart yourself and, say, start doubling up on the balanced and unbalanced inputs on your amp and create some kind of a feed-back nightmare that will short out that really nice CD player of yours.

Keep your experiments simple and don't outsmart yourself.
You could do it, but you'd have to match the input sensititvity of the two amps --- otherwise one part of the speaker will play louder than the other.

More to the point, passive bi-amping has never done it for me: too much trouble, too expensive, minimal returns.

The key would be to actively bi-amp -- if MLogan can help you on this. Otherwise, my take is, don't bother. Cheers
Also, I believe the panel's impedence dips down to below 2 ohms, not really suited for the Atmasphere, which likes something quite a bit higher. For that kind of dough, I'd be on the lookout for a top rated tube amp that will power the whole speaker. (BAT 75SE, VAC PHI, Wolcott...)