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Sony SCD-1 Weight
It weighs 58lbs.Gary. 
Any Reliable SACD Players compete with Sony SCD777
Don't forget his 777 is modified,I doubt the DV50S would beat it,much less blow it away.Gary. 
The XA9000ES's are hitting the Classifieds Rapidly
There are probably just as many SACD's out there as HDCD's,so I wouldn't get too fired up about it.Also,didn't Sony and Philips co-invent Redbook(cd)?Gary.P.S.You really owe it to yourself to listen to some SACD's on that fine player of yours. 
Sony SCD-1 or SCD-XA9000ES for stereo
SCD-1 without question,unless you want multi-channel down the road. 
New high-end Sony SACD player
I vaguely remember someone doing a multi-player comparison that included the sony,and it received very high praise.I'm sure a quick search would help find the review.Gary. 
Masrantz Sa-11S1 /w RAM Full upgrade?
Don't take offense Lawyerman,but the SCD-1's construction is beyond reproach,even better than that of the SA-1.It might not be as pretty inside,but nothing on the market is better built than the SCD-1.And I've never heard that there was a consensu... 
Sony scd xa777es vs scd777es
Thanks for the informed response Chuck.I'm definitely leaning towards the mods,being that I'm a big supporter(fan)of SACD.Gary. 
Sony scd xa777es vs scd777es
The warranty on my SCD-1 is up in a couple of months and I believe Allen Wright has a mod that makes this player truly balanced,but it's fairly expensive.I've been kicking this idea around and going for the 5+ mod,or getting a very good DAC to com... 
Sony scd xa777es vs scd777es
I knew you understood Chuck,but there were a few that seemed to be a little confused,so I tried to nip it in the bud.Take care,Gary. 
Sony scd xa777es vs scd777es
To tidy things up a bit,neither of the 777 units have balanced outputs,but the SCD-1 sure does.End of story,Gary. 
Cary 306 SACD
Yep,MSRP $6000 and I'm pretty sure the 306 SACD is a completely different animal from the standard 306's,so no upgradability.Gary. 
SACD Firmware issues?
This may be beneficial to some.Gary. 
SACD Firmware issues?
All of the SCD-1's and 777ES ever made have this firmware issue.The players either must be sent to Sony for update or they can be updated by one of the many competant modders out there.I found out about this fix just after my player had returned f... 
SACD Firmware issues?
The only ones I'm aware of are for the SCD-1 and 777es,which result in a loud burst of noise at the end of certain discs.There is a firmware update for this,also I think the Tommy SACD and many Channel Classic recordings exhibit this behavior.Gary. 
What's the "worst" cdp for the money?
Quackfat,I'm talking stock player here.You had to spend $4500 to "redesign completely" a player that was so much better than a 777ES(50# Boombox).It does'nt matter what your player sounds like now,because that money could have been spent modifying...