Who is the World's Best 'New' Female Vocalist

It has to be Renee Olstead--she's remarkable, with talents that literally dwarf other female artists. Before you think of who is better, let me explain.
For me, it's about the voice first...I have to love the texture, totally personal here...a love it hate it kind of thing. For example, for many years including this one, I've felt that Karen Carpenter had about the most beautiful voice, I suppose, just in terms of texture, that I'd ever heard. Perfect pitch, (without pitch correction I believe) beautiful pronunciation, diction...all the components for my taste.
What was lacking was that 'style' that special vocalization that some performers, who are musically gifted have...think Clifford Brown's trumpet versus practically everyone else. Chris Botti emulates him, but isn't quite there...excellent but not really a Clifford.
Renee, does things with her voice, a 'cry' in her voice at times, going into her 'head' voice (falsetto in males) with ease...a probably 4 octave range...SHE'S remarkable.
Buy her albums!
Her first album is remarkable, and maybe better, (more a function of what music you prefer, as she matured some in the interim).
As a frequent poster on Audiogon, I think we have a responsibility to one another to make suggestions which have helped us find the 'magic'...this girl has the magic.

Good listening.

"Who is the World's Best 'New' Female Vocalist"?

Grace Potter
"Who is the World's Best 'New' Female Vocalist?"

Have a listen Rachael Price
Caro Emerald, not new to me but to much of the US audience.


Probably not in the worlds best, but is there really ever a "Best" not in this category anyway. Here a a few more to consider.



Lady GaGa?
But have any of you responders listened to, seriously listened to at least one whole song of Renee Olstead?
I'm sharing a 'treasure' here with my friends on Audiogon...I used to, before internet, stand in record stores, 'yes records', and look for new talent and great recordings for hours. Now, here it is...free except for the price of the disc...trust me, she's remarkable.

Good listening,
I realize that the choice of a favorite female vocalist is probably just as personal as picking a girl out at a dance, to flirt with...very much personal taste--up to a point. I 'like' this or 'that'...then comes the reality of what is her level of talent.
I don't think I was able to convey, beyond personal taste, how much further Renee is, 'talent wise' than all the girls I just checked out here. Frankly, she's in a different league altogether.
Maybe its because I'm a musician and I look for the whole package, pitch, intonation, enunciation, tonal quality, as well as musical ability. She excells in all areas.

At least check her out...just sayin'.

Best to all,
Liz Wright is pretty good...

...and another artist to consider.....

Sophie Milman who won 2008 Juno Award for Vocal Jazz Album of the Year for Make Someone Happy


Happy Listening!!
I have Renee Olstead's self titled album. While she does have a pretty good voice, I really don't have much interest in listenting to it at all these days. I think I'm just not digging the arrangements.

For my vote, I'll go with Melody Gardot.
Katherine Jenkins, it does not get better then that.
Larry, I found two examples of her on you tube. "Is you or is you ain't my baby" and "Skylark" Very nice! Her performance almost seems more mature than her appearance. A compliment to her!! I think are developing a crush.
Me too, and I'm at least, smllffftttbrrrp, decades older than her.
One poster pointed out that they don't 'dig the arrangements'...that wasn't the issue...if you don't like big band, or jazz females, you of course won't like her.
If, however this genre is to your liking, she's about the best I've heard, by a wide margin.
I'm the guy who, in 1962 at age 13 listened to Nancy Wilson and Cannonball Adderley with my turntable (suitcase jobbie) set on repeat, all night for weeks.
I'd just read Satchmo, an autobiography of Louis Armstrong, and wanted to be a New O'linns musician...playing Alto Sax, with my first paying job only 6 months into the future. lol
Anyway, Renee, really floats my boat, and her albums are much better in every way than any of the YouTube's.

Good listening.
Sophie Milman is not only great, but beautiful--IMHO, and most importantly, my taste, Renee is leagues ahead.
(I'm also Renee's manager)

Just kidding!!

My post somehow left out "YOU"+crush. (maybe Freudian slip) Yeah, Nancy Wilson is an "ALL TIME" favorite of mine!!!!! w/Cannonball is EXCELLENT!!! If I were only two years younger, I could go for Renee!
I'm the guy who, in 1962 at age 13 listened to Nancy Wilson and Cannonball Adderley with my turntable (suitcase jobbie) set on repeat, all night for weeks.

and Isochronism
Yeah, Nancy Wilson is an "ALL TIME" favorite of mine!!!!!

Please note my recommendation for Rachael Price and notice the comment from none other than Nancy Wilson on the web site:
“"I think she´s brilliant, I love her.… There´s so much that´s good: the body, the depth, the warmth, and the enunciation!” - Nancy Wilson

I agree with Nancy.
Kate smith
Very cool Albert, I also agree. Especially about the body!
Anyway, it's not a contest. I understand the love for all these new artists, what would our collection be with only one LP?

I wish Rachael Price was on LP, so far only digital and I've communicated with her manager and others about releasing on vinyl to no avail.

As young as Rachael and Renee are it's possible they never listened on a turntable.
Thanks for the heads up on Rachael Price. I listened to excerpts on Amazon and couldn’t agree with you more. Problem is, I can’t find any of her CDs for sale, only downloads. Are you teasing us? :)
Adele. And I am serious. Her new album is mature and superb. Could be the next Streisand, and she is only 21!


Her website and press coverage mention the CD All About Jazz

Appears it can be ordered at Amazon but they are either out of stock or using the word CD to tempt us to download? Rachael Price Amazon

But missing is the LP I desperately want by her.
I have a couple of Rachael Price CD's and had ordered them on CDBaby.
Thanks Albert, I put Rachael on my list!
Thanks Albert and Everest, the fact that they are “unavailable" everywhere I look, as opposed to "more coming soon” indicates rather strongly that they are currently out of print. Guess I’ll have to wait until I have the courage to buy a DAC and start downloading Hi-Rez. Still a good call though; I like her a lot.
Look at Katie Melua, Soviet Georgia born and raised in Ireland. Great variety of styles. Look at her on youtube
Grace Potter is on Leno tonight (rerun).
Agree with Katie Melua - her music is incredible.

Adele 21 has been played a lot here lately also - worth checking out.
Look at Katie Melua, Soviet Georgia born and raised in Ireland. Great variety of styles.

Agree with Katie Melua - her music is incredible.

I posted about Katie Melua in Feb 2006 when she was an unknown. I guess I did not consider her as new since I've been listening to her so long.

Albertporter: "it's not a contest". No truer words have been spoken here! Each other is the best gift that we get in this world. Music is the truest art form.
Agree and perhaps I missed the point that Katie was new to others in this forum.

I was quick to list her when I first heard her music. The reaction at that time appeared members were not all that excited about her sound. That being said, I bought all her albums and enjoy her very much.

I think staying power is a true sign of talent, an artist that is no longer new to you but still enthralls you when you listen.

Kate Bush and Fiona Apple can still get to me and they have been in my library forever.
anything with a skirt and a smile :)
anything with a skirt and a smile :)

Are you sure "anything with a skirt and a smile?"

I've been to Flicker and some fitting that description are not female, also suspect they sing poorly :^).
I glad your priorities are tightening! :)
Wasn't me that said anything with a skirt and a smile. That was your quote.

I admit female vocalist are high on my list when it comes to singers. I probably have twice as many female artists as male.

The male artists tend to be Jazz, old favorites like Louis Armstrong and Frank Sinatra but I have some pop and blues guys too.
Check it out

Maria Aragon
Imelda May. Chrck her out on jeff becks rock & roll party for a taste. From dublin.
Anyone visited Renee Olstead, OR any owners of her albums...as sometimes it takes a couple of listens to phrasing and style?

I introduced an old friend to her last night, a conductor, lifetime musician. He was stunned.

Adele. Great voice. Very down to earth. I think she pulled off that 'difficult second album' too with '21'. First artist since the Beatles in the 1960's to have two singles and two albums in the UK top five all at the same time. Number 1 in US and Canada also. Hopefully she can go on from here...
China Forbes
China Forbes

Have you ever listened to her 2008 album '78?

Listen to that album version of "Eugene" followed by the Pink Martini album of the same name.

I think the collaboration with Pink Martini really brought out the best in China Forbes.
Melody Gardot. She writes most of the songs she performs, and having heard her live, I can say she's the real thing. Much beloved in Europe, where jazz still has a following.
Elize Ryd. She was often on tour with Kamelot.
Hey Albert, haven't heard it yet, but will do.
Melody Gardot belongs in this discussion .
I LOVE Melody Gardot...I am so thrilled with her music, which Stewie points out, she writes most of...yet, the raw talent of Renee really has me shaking my head.
I haven't had this reaction since seeing Miles Davis Live in Louisville in '61/'62.
For me, my taste, I'm bewitched.
'Sunday Kind of Love', NEVER a song that I was crazy about--she just nails it, her vocalizations are beyond my understanding.

Good listening all,
Jessie J.
Renee Olstead nice boob job, but IMO, Esperanza Spalding
is a better singer, plus she plays bass.
Jessie J...as best I can find, plays sax-- is not a vocalist. What am I missing?
Just saw Grace Potter on Conan last night. Not the style for the spirit this discussion has taken, but she has a nice rock voice. Maybe not quite an Ann Wilson, but have not heard enough to say.
Now, if this was a hot legs contest, she walks away with that trophy smiling!