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Forced into Near Field Listening - which ProAc stand mount?
Hi Johnny, the house is an old prairie style, rooms blend into one another creating what is essentially a 12 x 75 open floor plan. The listening area is at the front of the house, and is 12 x 15. D-15’s are placed just into a windowed bay area, wi... 
Forced into Near Field Listening - which ProAc stand mount?
Re D48's, I'd love to have them but well above budget and I think a stand mount will be a more pleasing look for the wife. The new digs are prairie style and vertical columns on the stands would fit fairly well. Thanks for the opinions.  
Great sounding/recorded albums
+1 on the Bright Mississippi. Forgot I had it! 
What is the forum code word for "listen to this stoned". I'd like to use it on these two:
I'm thinking "Recommended" vs. "Required"  
What is the forum code word for "listen to this stoned". I'd like to use it on these two:
Barring a better one, I'm going with LTTS for now.  
Disco...yep, I'm going there
Listening to some old cassette mixes last night and out of the blue pops up Donna Summers "There's a Rumor". Pretty damn good, nice dynamics and great beat. SQ was superb for a cassette. We all wanted to dance but settled for chair bopping - retir... 
What’s the best SACD you’ve ever heard?
Well I'll second the AKUS live SACD (and all other Allison Krauss SACD's for that matter) and would add a couple more:O'Brother soundtrack, Chicago (the musical) soundtrack and a really odd one - Vultures with Joe Weed. Kind of a bluegrass take on... 
PS - The AR line amp I had also had a cool feature for a budget component - gain level adjustments. Worked wonders with my cd player. No attenuators need.  
I have run YBA for quite a while, first with the Audio Refinement series, then YBA separates and now a 100w Passion integrated. All performed very well but I never really had another amp/preamp to compare to. In my opinion one of the coolest featu... 
Song (or music) you want played at your funeral.
Harm's Swift Way - Robert Plant and Band of Joy"Who's going to mark my time" 
HomePod stands
Found this, but can't find where to buy here in US 
HomePod stands
dbtom2, the closest I've gotten is a Pangea stand in black which I would have to spray white. 
ADS L 520
I still run 520's in my upstairs AV system. Great for movies, etc. $50! Go for it.  
Anyone listening to the multichannel SACD’s ?
I'm not sure if AKUS live is multi-channel but that might be a good one. It sounds very, very good in 2 channel SACD.  
Anyone go from a single HomePod to a pair?
After using the HomePod for a week I now know it's not for me. Besides the issues noted in the original post I do not like having to think about which album to tell Siri to play - I prefer to peruse my cd case/library to "find" just the right cd f...