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Streaming - Total fail (rant)
Much love for Sonus, I'll check it out - thanks to all.  
Recent upgrade to my hearing with truly amazing results.
gdaddy1, could you clarify how you tune the EQ? My iPhone can adjust EQ, but you seem to imply you can do it in the app. I tried the app (got results I expected - big loss over 2khz). but I did not see a way to adjust boost, etc on the app itself.  
Any good experience in discovering new music via TV or movie recently ?
Music in the Netflix Queen's Gambit is quite good. I made a playlist of most of the songs.  
Floor Speakers Speakers for Movies / TV
Keep the 710's! Especially if only for movies/tv. See if you can move them around a bit to reduce bass. I use 710's in my TV room, they work well for my purposes. YMMV. 
What is a good base for speakers
Nonoise - those stands from DeerCreek are almost exactly what I purchased with my ADS L710’s over 40 years ago! Prices have really got crazy for simple steel stands. Still debating my approach to some stability for the 710’s. Bryhifi - do you worr... 
ADS L710 speaker spring connector repair experts
They might if I could figure out how to remove the old ones!  
ADS L710 speaker spring connector repair experts
Definitely have 710's, but I believe they are an early version. There is no fuse holder or 4 screw "plate" to remove. Further research indicates the connectors are attached to the crossover mechanism, which maybe imbedded in the cabinetry vs. scre... 
The Weekend
RE: the Weeknd, I had no idea what the songs or lyrics were at halftime but yesterday my 4 year old grandson asked Siri to play Weeknd, and my daughter really likes him. It's a generational thing - us oldsters just aren't tuned into todays music. ... 
What is a good base for speakers
Funny russ69..  btw - re: the 3 point solution I have run YBA gear for a long time and they have 3 point feet. How could I have forgotten that! 
Killer used integrated for
Thanks, time for some break in. Search for some ProAc D-2's or Tablette 10 continues.  
Killer used integrated for
OP here, went with the open box Marantz pm6006. Price was great, easy breezy purchase from Music Direct. Received in 1 day. We'll see how it performs in my second system which uses my vintage ADS L710's (for now) and Sony BluRay/CD/Sacd player.. T... 
Killer used integrated for
hshifi, I've been to Holm - thanks for the reminder. My son has a Rega Brio 2000 that he is happy with, I'll take look at their lines. 
Killer used integrated for
OP here. Wow, great suggestions. To clarify a couple issues: using the word "killer" was only meant to identify amps that perform well above their price point. I know performance will not be the same as the big rig upstairs. Second, speakers will ... 
Best smooth vocal jazz albums with flugelhorn/ trumpet/ saxophone accompaniment
I'm not sure where I even got the cut but Chris Botti plays with Natalie Merchant on the song "Wonder". It is a live recording and one of the best live recordings I have. Maybe another member can ID the album/performance it came from. The end of t... 
Your top movie or tv show soundtracks (emotional)?
I made a playlist of the songs from Netflix's The Queens's Gambit - awesome 60's pop for the most part. Mostly just a fun listen as the recordings are inconsistent. Peggy Lee, Georgie Fame excellent - Monkees not so much.