White Stripes...

Recently went shopping in Banana Republic and was impressed by music inside the store...
Anyone would recommend a starting album to listen to?
I kind-of liked the mixture of influences they have:
some of Led Zeppelin, some of T-Rex and even Talking Heads.
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Elephant, there newest one is great and you probably already know 2 or 3 of the songs from radio, etc.
White Blood Cells, is great, too.
Believe it or not, Jack White produced new album by Loretta Lynn...the parts I've heard are very promising. Similar to the treatment that Emmylou Harris got when she came out with Spyboy. Certainly not your grandma's country & western. Cheers,

Jack White was a drummer in a band, also out of Detriot that toured extensively in the midwest called "Goober and The Peas" "the collective works of" ~Detriot Municipal records~ was their first album and IMO, their best work. lucking enough to have a full length vinyl 45 rpm/and CD

Any of the 3 disc's -X-mas with G&TP,Jet Age Sound of...goes for big $$ on Ebay because of the Jack White connection.
I beleive there were the first band that was coined Cow Punk.
Cow-Punk = Tex and the Horseheads ( sounds like a cross between "hillbilly rock" and "punk", doesn't it??? )

Horseheads = heroin junkies ( kinda deceiving, huh??? )

Jack White = good old fashioned garage rock that draws upon tons of various influences. These influences are put together in a fashion that makes it Jack's own style with a simple yet catchy and rhythmic beat. Gotta luv it... Sean
personally i really enjoy the album "de stijl" some great songs. I agree that white blood cells and elephant are also great albums. I have them all on vinyl and they are probably the band i listen to most. After white stripes my heavy rotation includes the new 200gram Classic records reissues of the led zep albums also a great choice.
if you are diggin the white stripes try "thickfreakness" by the black keys
If you like that type of music, you might try
Screaming Trees
"Sweet Oblivion" or "Dust"
IMHO, the most honest rock foursome since Led

Thanks folks!
The White Stripes is one of the least contemporary rock band that attracted my attention since my favourite 80's Talking Heads era...
Haven't heard any WS but Vanlear Rose I am sorry i bought. While sweet Loretta sounds good, it's like they stuck her country voice inside a rock band. It sounds like two different styles at the same time, they don't fit together, weird sounding. No different than if they stuck Hank Williams voice inside the Who.
How can someone NOT have heard ANY White Stripes?
I'd kinda like to hear Hank Williams with The Who...
"I'm so lonesome, I could join together with the band"!
LOL -- I like the white stripes for their originality. Breaking the rules of western music is different, but nothing that hasn't been done or tried before. Their saving grace with me was that Elephant was well recorded. So I bought it. I like it, but nothing to get too excited about.

I've probably heard some of their songs on the radio, but I couldn't tell you the name of any of them. I thought about buying their latest, but haven't and don't know that i will.
I'd go with Elephant.

If you like Led Zeppelin, you'll like them. The more I listen to WS, the more I think that Jack spent many nights as a teen with his Zep LPS...Cheers,