Got addicted to White Stripes.

Hi I've been occasionally listening to White Stripes, but now bug bit me and I need to choose one of their great vinyl albums with 'goner's help

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1/2 step OT,

You might check out the latest Jack White solo CD "Blunderbuss". He went back to the early Stripes sound for this one and IMHO he really nails it. Never heard any of the vinyl, though.

My fav is Get Behind Me Satan.
Also check out the Raconteurs, his side project. They put out a couple albums. I saw them at Austin City Limits Festival when they were together and they simply rocked, with three guitarists. Good stuff. Jack White's Nashville record shop is called Third Man Records (also his own label) and he puts out limited edition vinyl all the time. Also check out It Might Get Loud, a documentary about him, the Edge from U2 and Jimmy Page, and how they learned guitar and developed their own distinctive sounds. Fascinating.
"Icky Thump" and "Red Blood Cells" are my favorite White Stripes LPs
Sorry, senior moment it's "White Blood Cells"
I truly love "Elephant" on vinyl. Fact is, their whole catalogue sounds great on vinyl. (I've got them all except "Get Behind Me Satan," which never had a commercial vinyl release, though there were several hundred pressed for reviewers. I would sometimes watch the price soar on eBay when one would come up, but they always went for way more than I was willing to spend.)
Really, though, I cannot recommend "Elephant" enough. Don't stop there, though. And yes, Jack's solo album is great on wax, too.
-- Howard