Anyone familiar with "White Stripes" ???

I keep hearing one of their tunes on the radio ( Fell in love with a girl ). It does not sound like the typical "alterna-metali-pap*" that some of the local stations typically play. As such, it did not seem to blend in that well and really caught my ear.

As soon as it started, i instantly pictured the Davies brothers ( aka The Kinks ) going of on one of their high energy rampages like back in "da old days". If someone would have told me that it was an old Kinks tune, i would have had no problem believing them.

With that in mind, does anybody know anything about this band ? Where are they from, how many albums, how is the rest of the album that this song came from, etc... ??? Are they worth checking out ??? Sean

*simplification for the generic new music that blends alternative, metal, pop and rap all into one mish-mash that lacks creativity and individuality. You know the stuff, you hear it on the radio and MTV every day i.e. modern music "bullshit"...
brother/sister from detroit, 3 albums, very likely vinyl singles out there i don't have, 'white blood cells' is a refreshing kick in the ass for rock and roll, 'de stihjl' is rock in the vein of led zep w/o being overly derivative, nice cover of death letter blues, CHECK THEM OUT!!!, it caught your ear for a reason
i like to take these discs for audition material and smirk when the sales guy tries to get me to listen to diana krall, i usually respond 'diana who?'
Definitely a fun band worth checking out. More information at the link:

Indeed they are pretty good,a kind of heavier blues type slant on Indie rock...................
Not a bad band, but way overhyped by the "hipster indie rock" critics. The band sounds like a watered down version of the flaming lips, a great indie rock band. I am not sure about the brother/sister part, though. I was told that they are ex-husband and ex-wife. I may be wrong.

If you want to check out some great new music check out new releases by Starsailor and Gomez. Let me know what you think of these bands.
Sorry Drew you've drawn too lame ducks with those two recommendations,to be fair they are both young artists but I find both lightweight and irritating,sorry.
I caught them at a show in Detroit as the opening act for a show the recently re-formed Pretty Things played here in Michigan. Hadn't heard them up to that point, though I did quite dig the sound they were cranking out. A nice stripped down and energetic mix of '60's garage and rockabilly to my ears (for this particular gig anyway). It's funny seeing all the hype surrounding them at this point, although I imagine I should try checking them out a little more closely.
The White Stripes do some pretty cool rockin' music (and I've also heard that they are brother & sister) while Starsailor on the other hand sound like the annoying stepchild of Echo & the Bunnymen and Traivs.

Hey, Sean. Nice call on the Kinks' influence. It's definitely in there.

Fujindemon has it right. There are three albums and scads of singles and bootlegs out there (check on eBay), the latter of which are now pretty pricey as their cult following expands and demand increases.

They're the real deal. Their live shows are terrifically intense--did anyone catch them on Letterman last week? That was only a small taste of what they deliver live. Not only does their blend of old-school blues with both "classic" and indie/garage rock (on any given night, their covers might include songs by Son House and the Kinks, or Bob Dylan and Iggy Pop)enable them to stake out their own sound, Jack White actually writes good songs. They not only have a sound, they have content, and in due time, they'll transcend the hype and outgrow their cult following and all those "hipster indie rock critics."

If you get a chance to see them live, don't miss it. And pick up those albums, the last two especially. In fact, that whole Detroit scene is pretty cool.

just spotted the white stripes 'red blood cells' in the best buy sunday cicular for $7.99, how could you go wrong?
go and buy this right now...
btw, in the most polite of terms and sentiment, screw those indie rock hipster critics making you feel as though they are leading you by the nose toward the stripes with their recent pouring of accolades and attention drawing reviews. the stripes did not just land on the music scene, they've been here awhile and i've been enjoying their take on rock for some time. i think the same thing happened with a band called nirvana...
before anyone hammers me, i was not trying to equate the white stripes and nirvana, just trying to emphasize that 'sub-popers' were quite familar with nirvana before rolling stone and mtv declared them the reluctant alternative saviors of a terribly stagnant popular music scene
Fujindemon, thanks for pointing out that Best Buy had this on sale. Picked it up and it's okay. Kind of old school stripped down rock and roll garage band material played with a somewhat "punk" attitude. I can hear quite a bit of "old fogey" influence ( Kink's and even Bob Dylan in some ways ) along with a million newer "garage-core" type bands. This is probably due to the minimalist recording and instrumentation. Kind of blends the best of the old and the new with a good dose of rocking attitude. Just don't expect anything fancy. Sean