What xlr cable to choose

Hello ,looking for recommendations for interconnects cable between my dcs bartok dac and Cayin HA 300 headphone amp , headphones are audeze lcd4. I have quite a healthy budget any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks 
I have been thoroughly happy with my Inakustik Reference NF-2404 AIR. They are super revealing. I love their presentation.
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Look into Audio Envy cables. You can thank me post your audition! 

I have quite a healthy budget any advice would be greatly appreciated

uh oh... sharks approaching bloody waters  :)
A pair of Kimber KS-1130 interconnects have handled the feed from my BAT VK-D5, to my preamp, for quite a while     Never have I felt the least bit of information was missing, from my music, nor- any colorations added.     Not that they’re that costly, but- if I had much of a windfall, I MIGHT include a pair of Kimber’s KS-1136, in my spending.      I’ve made myriad changes/improvements, everywhere else in my system, but- never have felt compelled to replace the KS-1130 pair.     They spurred the purchase of a KS-1030 pair, for the phono stage to preamp run.     They’ve remained, too.
What type of sound characteristics are you looking for?
How do you like your DCS Bartok and Cayin HA-300 combo, by the way? I currently own the HA-300 (Psvane ACME 300b + Sylvania 6SN7W metal tubes) + Chord Hugo TT2 + LCD-3, and would be interested in upgrading to the Bartok sometime in the future.

What do you find is better/worse/different listening with your LCD-4 from the HA-300 vs the Bartok?
@pauljenkins - the phrase "A healthy budget" tells us nothing really. But if you want a cables that will perform very well take a look at KLE Innovations. Or take a look at Nordost.

Both brands command a "healthy price" so they should fit the bill. Both are also very good.

For a more affordable cable try this one, but give it a couple of hundred hours to burn-in before judging

Hope that helps - Steve
Do not dismiss Mogami Gold XLR Cables. Originally, I installed them just to be able to use the Balanced hookups between my amp and pre (I had an extra 3 ft pair from an old set of studio monitors). I was going to research and purchase an "audiophile" pair. The sound was an improvement and I really have not had the desire to upgrade.