What Patty Smith album to own?

New to Patty, and want to get a couple of albums. What album does every Patty Smith fan have? Or should have? thanks in advance. peace, warren
Horses and Easter. Enjoy!
If you're serious, "Radio Ethiopia".
Hard to argue against Horses or Easter-if you get the chance to catch her live don't miss it,she was absolute dynamite a few years back when I saw her (Gone Again Tour).
Horses is THE ALBUM.
If you are going to own one, Horses is the album.
It is the one that shook the world when it came out.
The cover photo was by Maplethorp.
That opening line:
"Jesus died for somebodys sins.. but not mine"
Is a classic.
Another vote for "Horses"!
Horses and Easter! I just ordered 'em. it's a start....thanks guys....warren
"Horses", most definitely. I also thought that her recent work "Trampin'" was surprisingly good. Not all reviews have been favourable, but that's not an unsusual situation.

Another vote for "Horses". Patty Smith's version of Gloria is definitive-bettering "Van the Man". I was in college when "Horses" was released. What a time!
While I enjoy Horses, my vote is for Gone Again.
Saw her on her last tour. Her show was much like her last album i.e. good if you are a fan of her work, but much lower key / more relaxed than her earlier work. I was told that her tour prior to this one ( about two years ago ) was very good and much higher energy. I had a bootleg album of her playing live from back in the day and it was great, both in recording quality ( for a bootleg ) and in terms of energy. Somebody borrowed it and it never came back. Sean

PS.... You guys remember Gilda Radner playing Patti on SNL as rocker "Candi Slice"??? That was a real hoot, wasn't it??
Damn Sean- you're right. Gilda was so good as Candi Slice, and of course everyone knew who she was imitating. A question- was the song "Gimme Mick"?
I have several so I will say, , maybe the next one!
Wow, does that bring back memories. Gilda was great. Who could forget: "never miiiiind."
Sorry to divert from the topic, but was FEAR, the (#%&*!!! AMAZING!!) punk band w/ Lee Ving her (Candy Slice's) back up band?
"Damn it, Mick. With your hair so long and your lips so thick. Damn it, Mick."
I've followed Patti since I first saw her perform in Central Park NYC in 1975. I've got everyone of her LP's & CD's. She's amazing.

Horses and Easter are all time favorites, but each LP is different, and good in their own right, from Horses, Radio Ethiopa, through to Trampin of today. Another of my favorites, of more recent vintage is Dream of Life.

Here is a great link to her lyrics:


The book "Patti Smith" is a good one for those into Patti.
Got Horses. First listen was a little difficult for me. The first cut, Gloria, started me off on the wrong track. Horses was better the second listen. Patti Smith is like uni, I suppose. Takes a while to acquire a taste. Hey, I love uni, now. I'll keep at it. Easter is on the way..
Warren, what is "uni" ???

I like Patti even though i don't agree with her politics. Then again, it would seem that her point of view on God and "religion" have changed over the years, so who's to say that she'll remain where she's at politically. Maybe the drugs are finally wearing off.... Sean
Politics are not the deal. Is she good with HER GOD? Uni?-- raw sea urchin eggs. A delicacy for sushi fanatics. A texture that, at first, is VERY hard to deal with...don't eat sushi, huh? peace, warren
I'll go with Horses and Easter, in that order as albums, but Trampin has some very good cuts.

You would want to avoid the pouueetry/spoken word junk on her albums, in my opinion. Some albums have more of it than others....
"You would want to avoid the pouueetry/spoken word junk on her albums, in my opinion"

A massive part of what Patti Smith is about imho.
Babelogue anyone ??? Sean
My vote goes for Easter, some really great tunes. Horses and then Radio Ethiopia. Yes, some of the songs ARE challenging.
I'm having more fun with Easter....
not my cup of java. I'm putting them on the 'gon. Hey, I'm trying to remain teachable. She's not happening for me...
To each his own...
Man, because of this thread I went out and bought the remastered Horses CD.
Though the sound quality is fairly good for its time , the music is quite strange and I doubt if I will play it again.
It was probably meant to be played while stoned.
Well Ozzy there we go play an album once and give up on it?

That is a remarkable response to a piece of music.
I can assure you there is no need to be stoned to enjoy Horses.
I really meant...
I could not stand to listen to it again!

To each his own.
What ever music gets you going is the best I guess.
Patty got me going...except to the restroom!
Just kidding.

I recently picked up Eric Clapton SACD Slowhand. I new of the hits , but the whole CD really interests me.
I am always trying to pick up music from ther era to try.

Patty Smith is not my "cup of tea" but you enjoy!

Horses is a CD that really takes a few listens. There are actually some quite beautiful moments on the CD IMHO. There are some interesting arrangements as well. IMO the real punch of the CD is the emotion that she lets into her music, but you need to be accepting of the dark and anger in Patti Smith. Her CD, Gone Again, is a bit more approachable.

i have Patti Smith Horses on CD ,dont like it ! dos anyone want it for the cost of shipping?send me an email,,
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