Anybody on Patty Larkin?

Heard her do a song on the radio. Loved it. What album should I start with? thanks in advance...
Ben where are you? Cat got your tongue? Nothing? Even you? Nothing on PL? I'll get her newest album, if I don't here from anyone...and I'll take it from there..Can get it for a song on Amazon. In fact, I can purchase any of her albums, down right cheap, on Amazon....
On Patty Larkin? Why is she a hottie? :)
Regrooving the Dream. Made in 2000. Beautifully recorded, worth many,many listening sessions, IMHO.
I have Regrooving The Dream, Great Album! I first learned of her from a write up on SoundStage in their reference recording section.
You might want to start with this one.

Her best album is Angels Running. It is one of the rare few albums that has outstanding music and is an audiophile treat. I used it at CES one year as my Cd to evaulate systems with. Enjoy.


Her last two records are my faves......... We both live in Austin, so I get to see her play live fairly often....... Great voice and a good song writter too.

I have seen Patty live a number of times, back in the early '90's. Tango is probably her first commercial semi-success, and a great disc. She plays a very nice acoustic guitar in addition to her sweet vocals.
Angels Running is probably my favorite.
guys, thanks as always. This is a good start..
Stranger's World is excellent
I second Angels Running. but there are no bad PL albums, and seeing her live is a treat!
I'm in love. That voice with SET. Her guitar playing is sweet, as well. Intimate and holographic. More on the way. Won't take me long to become a PL again..:)
"Red Luck" is a great test for your system. It's closely "miked" and can be hard sounding up topwith lotsa digital nasties if your system is not up to the's a true torture test.

"Regrooving the Dream" is superb with a surreal, expansive soundfield.

Just wish her stuff was available on vinyl.
My system is up to it. "Red Luck" was the first cd I purchased. If you ever want to hear what SET can do with a female vocal, Red Luck be a good as it gets choice. Regrooving the Dream is on the way. It was love at first listen....
On Tango, track 5, "Solo Flight" is a superb guitar solo. You can hear her fingers on the strings. I used to bring that with me for speaker auditions, salesmen generally hated me for it.
Regrooving.. is fabulous. Angels Running on the way. She does it all: plays a nice guitar, sings and writes a great song. This has been a great find. Thanks once more..:)