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Shelby Lynne
"identity crisis" is one of my favorites by Shelby Lynne. along with the voice (which is incredible), her writing is just great, and her good taste is really evident in all of her recordings."I Am Shelby Lynne" is absolutely essential, but the mor... 
Frank Sinatra Capitol Years Lps vs CDs etc.
Eweedhome...inquiring minds want to know. did you receive the set, and how is it? 
Led Zeppelin-newly remastered
the song remains the same is really nicely mastered. i was bored by the performances when the original came out but i can hear now how fine they really are. not as good a performance as how the west was one but the sonics are even better i think. ... 
Frank Sinatra Capitol Years Lps vs CDs etc.
it's already worth more than that even w/out the geodisc, so you really did very well. 
Frank Sinatra Capitol Years Lps vs CDs etc.
the mofi / mfsl box set of the captol is the best i've heard. the box often sells for 500 +. i never regretted a penny of the 550 i paid.one is on sale in ebay for 350:"Two very light suface blemishes on Record 1 (Swing Easy) does not affect play ... 
Review: Rega Apollo CD Player
apollo to a ray samuels audio hr2 headphone amp thru a number of headphones. no sibilance added to any redbook cds. very good sq, especially for the money.my naim cd5 w/flatcap blows it outta the water as well it should for 3 times the price. 
Best sounding cd in your collection
Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
dunno for suer, but the guy i got my windows from also owned timeframes and he said they were the same. his info has always been correct re: all things audio. 
Morph The Cat : Revisited
my vinyl Morph is one of the best sounding lps I own, despite the digital source. blows away most of the white lable promos and first pressings that I've carefully collected over the past 45 years. 
Amp recommendation for AKG K1000's headphones?
re: "Finally, has anyone compared and listened extensively to the K1000 and K701s? Any comments?"no comparison. the k1000's are in a league nearly of their own. but it's like apples to oranges in presentation as the k1000's aren't against your ear... 
Waltz for Debby-Bill Evans Trio
moonbeams by evans was a great suggestion. it's one of my top 10 jazz lps of all time.if you have a turntable, the classic records 45 rpm of Louis doing "st james Infirmary" is a mind-blower. 
Your favorite song from a RECENT cd release?
morph the cat 
Anybody on Patty Larkin?
I second Angels Running. but there are no bad PL albums, and seeing her live is a treat! 
Best "album" of 2006
kate bush aerial was the best 2005 lp by a long shot. arctic monkeys best pure pop for now people.so far for 2006? cat power, beth orton, fagens' morph the cat, the new paul simon...all strong contenders. morph might take it for me because the sou... 
Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
I 1st heard the TimeWindows a few years ago at a friends house. he had timeframes also, and all sorts of other stuff, mostly 50's & 60's era. the windows stood out as special amoung all the huge jbls, and jbl 100's and bozaks and lord knows wh...