What is your favorite furniture maker?

For sitting in your listening room?
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Ethan Allen.
Barry Kohan of Bright Star, whose Rack of Gibraltar I still use.
Baker. (formerly Baker, Knapp and Tubbs). Really beautiful high end unaffordable stuff, only available through designer showrooms, not open to the public.
Ekornes makes luscious chairs for listening though.
The classic Eames lounge chair and ottoman:


Designed in 1956 and still a very comfortable and classic looking chair. A perfect accompaniment to good looking high end HiFi.
Gave up on Eames a long time ago. Its leather being highly reflective of sound waves lead me to a great fabric covered nursery rocker. I am in heaven.
My Polish bud.
Thomas Moser its furniture Gon!!
Any lounge chair with a low back (up to my shoulders).
Anything higher (e.g. Eames) will kill sound reflected from the back of the room. I find this diminishes the soundstage experience.
sam sam the discount man....it looks like you got all this furniture with a free tank of gas thrown in .......