What integrated beats AES Sixpacs? Budget $3500


I had a set of AES Sixpacs awhile ago, and while they sounded nice, I wasn't all that impressed, thinking that they didn't really be a decent SS amp (the CJ MF-2250a being a recent solid performer in my system). I ended up getting rid of the Sixpacs. Due to space downsizing, I currently have no amp/preamp, and rather than try the whole mix and match thing, I would just like to get a good integrated and be done with it. I was considering a SS amp and tube preamp, but really, if I can get a decent integrated at the same price, I would be happy. I could spend up to $3500, but would like to keep it under $2500 (used is fine).

A nice tube integrated would be sweet (if it was a little better than the Sixpac tubes) or a great solid-state unit that is sweet and rich (tubey).

Speakers are SF Cremona (which I am planning on purchasing) or perhaps the Grand Piano Domu (SF sale on now!). Tastes toward jazz, rock, electronic, orchestral.
PS Audio GCC series either 100/250/500
How about something like a VAC Avatar? VAC is real quality gear handmade in the USA. You can find these for less than 3K.
Yeah, I have seen the VAC Avatar Supers on the 'gon for around $2700. How do they sound? I haven't heard the GCC, except for a new unit that wasn't broken in.
I don't know if this will "beat" a pair of Sixpacs (with an unspecified pre-amp), but I went from a pair of Sixpacs & AES AE-3 DJH to an Ayre AX-7e and am *very* happy. However, my priorities may not be the same as yours (see my system description for details).

Also, I sold my Sixpacs & AES AE-3 DJH about a year before buying my Ayre, so there is no way I can comment on the specifics of the configurations.
How many watts do you need? You could try an Ars Sonum-Filarmonia?
I don't need a ton of watts: 35 watts is probably sufficient, although I wouldn't mind more.
I see a Jadis DA60 integrated amp for sale here (no affiliation) that I bet would sound very very good. Good luck with your hunt!
lavardin is reference very nice
Primaluna Dialogue 1 or 2 would also be very nice.

But listen yourself, if it was up to me I would stay away from tubes, or maybe get a Pathos new classic one or Logos.