Best Speakers for Carey sixpacs

I am looking for a new speaker to replace my Gallo Ref3's

I have a CJ PV15 into a pair of sixpacs my budget is $2500-$3000 (more on the $2500 side) USED!

Something with a built in sub would be nice, bi wired is OK I still have my Adcom 555 to drive a sub I listen to HT but my main addiction is analog mostly Rock to Punk to Classical a nice mix.

I found the Gallos to be harsh and not detailed enough (I have the ones without the switch)I just dont like there sound. I am at a loss
I cannot afford the trial and error approach

Any suggestions?

Wanna trade?
People seem to like them with both Vandersteens and Meadowlarks. Meadowlarks, in particular, can be had on the cheap now.
How about Vandy 3
Can the sixpaxs run stats.
I am looking a pair if Innersound MkIIs I have never owned stats and they look perfect for me.
How do Stats sound as I have only hears the Logans at my local HiFi mega store and that is so controlled I would like a more rounded diverse opinion.

I was looking at the Vandys but I want to avoid a separate sub if possible.
I do like the look of the Oskar heil Syrinx but cant find any info on the gon about them.

I just spoke to Innersound and he said the Careys were the worst amp I could pick.
He did say the Innersound ESL300 was made to drive these speakers that’s OK but I just bought the bloody Careys!

The person selling the speaker said no problem using the Careys and backed it up with a page of statistics.

Some one help please
I have a pair of the Innsound MKII, are you sure you can handle an 18inch sweetspot.....and this is no joke! It will sound like it is another room outside that area.
I am not sure how well you will like them for rock and punk because so many recordings are low quality and they are almost criminally revealing speakers, however they do very special things when set-up properly and can be amazing, much better bass integration than most Logan's.
My pair is currently at a friends house in our audio club, he is buying them but going to be keeping a pair of cone and dome speakers for when he wants more fredom of movement in his room.
Make sure you here the Innersounds before you buy, this speaker more than 90% requires a detailed audition, but its major sweetspot flaw will take you under 1 minute to discover.....good luck in your hunt!
I suggest Merlins. There are several people on the 'gon and the asylum that have this combination and are very satisfied with them.
Go with Vandersteen 2ce Sigs. Depending on how you set them up (and what your room has to offer) you may not need a sub.
The Merlins were on my list I went to the site and they seem unique with there approach.
Does anyone own the newer VSM MM what exactly is a super bam?

From all the reviews from owners I found only one was totally negative one unfortunately his write up is exactly how I feel about the speaker I now own.
Everyone and there mother says my speakers are phenomenal but they just do not do it for me.

To make a mistake on buying without hearing will again be my own fault.
However, as cannot audition these I will leave it up to you lot and not stereophile magazine to offer constructive criticism.

I would like some feedback on these; will I need a sub for HT?
Am I paying for the "Hand Made” aspect rather than the sound quality of the speaker?
Any comments will be appreciated
If you live in the NY?NJ tri state area you can come over and listen to my Merlin VSM speakers w/superbam with the Sixpacs (with and without the sub). For HT with subterranean bass I believe that you will want a sub -- I have a REL 150A wich integrates very nicely. For 2 channel listening the bass on the Merlins is enough, but again that's up to you.
Great speaker and tremendous service. You should give Bobby a call.
Yes Bobby is great I spent about an hour on the phone with him he is very down to earth.
I am sold on the Merlins based on my conversation with him
Now I gotta try to sell the kids to pay for them.