Cary SLI-80 integrated or AES Sixpacs?

I'm looking for a new tube amp for a system built around Harbeth Monitor 30's. Contrary to myths that Harbeths mate well with SS only, I've found that my office integrated, a Primaluna Dialogue II, sounds better (specially with Genalex reissue KT77s) than several SS integrateds I've heard paired with the Monitor 30s. I could live with the pairing, but I would then need to get another office amp. Given that the Monitor 30s could use more juice than the PL Dialogue has to offer, I have been looking around for a more powerful tube amp under 3K (new or used) that fits other constraints (which I'll spare you). Although I'm open to other suggestions, I was thinking that either the Cary SLI-80 integrated or the AES Sixpacs (with an AES preamp) might do the trick. I could carry the Harbeth to a Cary dealer to audition the SLI-80, but I can't audition the AES. I was hoping that someone who has experience with both amps could speak to their relative merits.

My main source is apple-lossless files streamed through a Wavelength Brick DAC (mostly jazz and acoustic stuff). Room size is moderately large by NYC standards (20'x25', 12' ceilings), but the set up is close to 'near-field', 7' away from the speakers.
I think you would be minimally powered with either of those choices (as well as the amp you have now) based upon the specs of the Harbeth. I have used a Cary Sli-80 with speakers more efficient than yours and in a smaller room and do not believe you would be happy with it. It's a very seductive amp, but I sense its power ratings (40w triode/80w ultralinear) are a bit liberal. Plus most people like the Sli-80 in triode mode, which offers no more power than you have now. The Sixpacs are only 50 watts as well, so they would not be a great leap in power. So, to avoid simply making a lateral move, I would suggest looking for something with considerably more power, especially since you're in a relatively large room.
How much power you need is also a function of how lively the room is and how loud you listen to music. I am not familiar with your speakers or amps you suggest but do use Thiel CS1.5 speakers in combo with VAC PA90 amps that are 55 watts in Triode Mode. These amps have no problem driving the Thiel speakers to very loud levels, and the Thiels are 3 to 4 ohm speakers with a sensitivity of 86 db. I would suggest talking with the manufacure to get their opinion on using the Six Packs or other amps with your speakers.

I have Harbeth compact 7es speakers and use the Cary SLI-80 in the ultralinear mode most of the time to drive them in a 13x24 foot room. I listen to jazz and classical and am quite happy with the combination. To get 3db more head room you would have to go to ss amplification, and I find the Harbeths and tube amplification is a match made in heaven.

Thanks for the responses Cruz123 and Mds.

Given my experience with the PL Dialogue, I'm certain that I would end up in triode mode the bulk of the time. That puts the SLI-80 at 40w and the Sixpacs at 50w, effectively doubling the Dialogue's 21w triode mode. Now I appreciate that doubling watts has a modest effect on clipping and perceived loudness, and I know that the Harbeths will sing with more power, but 40w-50w is at least within the recommended minimum for the 30's. The sensitivity of the Monitor 30s is close to the Thiel CS1.5, 85 db I beleive, but their impedance curve does not drop below 7 ohms (see, ) . Nonetheless, I would be open to any recommendations for higher power tube amps.

Thanks again.

Thanks for the input. I had been using the Plinius 9100 SS integrated with the Monitor 30s. I thought the combination was quite good until I heard how the famed Harbeth midrange sounds driven by tube amplification. No looking back now, even at the expense of some head room. Speaking of which, how do you find the triode mode as compared to the ultralinear mode? The ability to switch is a definite plus for the SLI-80.

If you're considering purchasing new, give Kevin Deal a call at Upscale Audio. Kevin can also with tube selection to bring out the best of either the Cary or the AES. I purchased my Six Pacs from Kevin, and if I was in the market for another set, would call up Kevin again.
Make sure to audition the CAD 120S. I have a new one w an SLP98P preamp and it sounds fantastic. I traded a V12R for it. The amp also runs much cooler, and has plenty of power, even in triode mode. Good luck.
You might try talking to Kevin Hayes @ VAC for his recommendation, although most of his newer products do not have a triode mode. I talked with Kevin several times before I purchased the used VAC PA90's to get his recommendations. To get 100 watts in Triode you would have to look at older VTL, Manley or BAT Mono Blocks and these might be out of your price range. Another option would be the Cary CAD 280SAV12 in mono block for 100 watts triode & 200 watts ultralinear. By the way the Harbeth should be much easier to drive with tube amps than Thiels.

I second the Cary CAD-120s or if you need to speand less, and can use less power, get the Super Amp MkII which is cut from the same cloth as the 120s. If you can spend in between the two amps have the MkII upgraded with oil caps and soft feet. The six pacs are an older design.
Thanks Polk432 and Mjcmt for the 120s recommendation. I'm thinking that that might be the best direction to take, particularly given the availability of used 120s here.
Late to the party, but have you looked into the Quicksilvers? The V4s are 120wpc conservatively, and the Monos are more powerful than their ratings suggest as well. V4s are ~ $4800/pr, Monos ~$1900/pr.