What speakers did you like w/ Cary Sixpacs?

I am considering new speakers again. What speakers have you enjoyed with the Cary/AES Sixpac amplifiers? I prefer blues and rock music, but listen to a variety.
I would worry more about which speakers you have already heard and liked. You made the critical choice of using tube power amps which is a very good and you will see delightful choice. Any speaker that can run with that many watts, and they need not be super efficient, will sound even better with the six packs. Complete the synergy with an AE-3 preamp if you can find one.
I use JM Lab Focals with an AE-3 and 78 wpc PP monoblocks (Non AES) . The combo is sheer heaven to my ears so if you can budget Focals why not give them a try.
On a more practical note I think you will find more answers on an Six Pack dedicated forum which I recall exists.
Dennis has said he likes Spendor speakers with his amps. I pesonally like Totem also.