What features should a good CD player have?

I currently own a Jolida 100cdp, what features should I evaluate in upgrading? By features I don't mean remote control, but, internal components and/or capabilities.

My price is under 1,500, are there any models that would be recommended?
I would go for unit with the separate DAC input......if the transport stops to be the future.....you will stil have the sound from your DAC and you will run the computer as transport.
solid, reliable and available transport mechanism - Phillips CDM-Pro2 for example - those drives last a LONG time

analog volume control if you only use CD as a source - in some systems bypassing a preamp is a HUGE plus

also agree on the digital input feature
If your buying decision is based on features and specs you will be disappointed with your purchase.
Power supply
Disc drive assembly/Transport mechanism
Analog circuitry

Having owned a lot of CDP with digital inputs and volume control, I can tell you with a high degree of confidence that at $1,500 (even used) you will not find one that is going to be that good. One with an analog volume control is going to be even harder to find at this price point. If you really want to take this route, start by adding $1,000 to your price then look for a Levinson 39, 39S or possibly a 390. Double your price and you can probably get into a 390S.

On the otherhand, you should be able to find a pretty good CDP without digital inputs and without volume control that is very good at this price point.

Personally, I would recommend an Esoteric (at this price level you are looking at a DV-50). But my concern with recommending that is due to the fact that you have a Jolida and as a result, I am assuming you are looking for something on the warm side (versus detailed or highly resolving).

Maybe you should consider getting a used DAC at this price point.
why not just check out some of the mod Wright Sony's that pop up now and then...
If the Jolida has digital out, get a benchmark dac and a good digital cable. You will eventualy get a music server and will then already have the dac and good a digital cable and didn't just invest in a cd player.
If you are going to consider the Benchmark DAC I would insist on an inhome trial/audition and while doing that see if you can even find any improvement with this DAC vs. your existing CDP running direct in a double blind test. Not a different sound, but an improvement. My guess is that you'll have a DAC but you won't end up with an improvement in sound quality. You can run the analog output of your CDP to your preamp and the digital output to the Benchmark and then the benchmark to the preamp. Have it volume matched and listen back and forth for a few days, not knowing which input the pre is set to for careful listening. But switch back and forth from time to time.

My point is that you can do a lot better than this DAC for your $1,500, buying used.
What about the Sony XA5400ES? I've seen those go for $806 + $20 in shipping on a popular auction site. I've read those are the real deal in terms of build quality and SQ. Then you can also have Modwright make it even better.
what are your criteria for excellence of sound ?

is your desire to possibly replace the jolida based upon build qaulity or deficiencies of sound ?
i am not sure the jolida has deficiencies, but iam switching to a herron preamp and it may expose some deficiences??
Ahh, that is a nice preamp. I would wait and get the preamp first before making any decisions.

I would be tempted to take any other source, DVD player, Ipod, whatever and listen to both that and the Jolida via the Herron to get a better feel for the warmth imparted by the Herron vs. the source/Jolida. This may help you make a better decision if you do decide to replace the Jolida - whether you will seek more warm or more resolution in your next player/DAC.

The Herron definitely outclasses the Jolida in my mind, but I don't know their CDPs as well as their amps.