Which High-End preamps have these 2 features?

I'm looking for a very good high-end preamp but they need to have a

- Remote Control
- Processor Input

Of course, it should sound great (I don't mind a slightly warmer sound)

There is ARC Ref3 which can do these but what are my other options?
The McIntosh C2200 may meet your needs:
Too many. The Sim P-8 fits.
The BAT preamps hit those criteria....any of the inputs can be set to unity gain...which is what your processor input needs...
Asthetix Calypso, MBL 6010D, Rowland Synergy, Dartzeel, RSA Emitter ii
VAC is also an excellent choice.
The Modwright SWL 9.0SE without a doubt....
Sonic Frontiers 1,2,3 Audio Research LS-25, VAC just to name a few.
Thank You for the replies.

How about a Boulder 1010?

VIOLA Audio Labs CADENZA or SPIRITO (Modular preamp).
Viola amps are nice but I believe Cadenza doesn't have a remote and the Spirito is way too expensive.

I'm leaning towards Boulder since the power amps will be Boulder. I'll also try ARC Ref3 and hopefully a VAC Phi before I order anything.

Anything else worth considering?
The Conrad-Johnson ACT2 includes two pairs of inputs that offer unity-gain support for an external signal processor.
You need to audition the MBL 6010D.
Legacy has a preamp with those features but it is actuality built by Coda.
Thanks for the replies. To avoid any second thoughts I went with the Boulder 2010 Pre and I'm very glad with my decision. It's an outstanding Preamp