Well Tempered and EMT JSD S75 Cartridge

I am in the process of selecting a cartridge for my new Well Tempered GTA MkII turntable with LTD tone arm. 

I have been running the EMT TSD-15 Cartridge with the Auditorium T-2 step-up transformer on my Well Tempered Amadeus.

I've heard positive feedback on the EMT 75th Anniversary Cartridge (JSD S75).

I'd be interested in feedback from anyone using this combination. 


There'a a Tsd-75 as well. Not sure if you were aware. My guess is that cartridge is very close in spec to the 15. My dealer said while it may be subtle, he does like the TSD-75 better. I would ask your dealer about the JSD series on your WT arm, but the T2 is certainly the SUT to have. I run a Tsd-15 on a GTA (mk1), in to a T2, and VR. While the WT may now be the week link in my system, I could certainly spend more, and do a lot worse. 

I have a EMT 75th Anniversary Cartridge (JSD S75). 

My system is different and posted on this site. I have a Garrard 301 with Ortofon 309 D tonearm, running the cartridge directly into an Audio Research Reference 3 Phono Preamp.

I have heard the EMT TSD-15 Cartridge. I think the JSD S75 has a little more detail resolution and is more quiet in the groove than the TSD-15.

Hi Fin04 and Jperry,

Thank you for the feedback. Once I get the new analogue front end in place, I'll post some photos.

Jperry, I saw your system photos......impressive! Perhaps one day I'll get a Garrard 301. 

I'm hoping that this Well Tempered/EMT combination will greatly improve my system.

Thanks again for the advice.


Thanks for the kind comment. I look forward to hearing about your new analog front end,

Best Regards,

Jim Perry
labpro- Do you have the Tsd-15, Amadeus, and T2 running at this time?

Hi fjn04,

You are correct......I am running the EMT TDS-15, Auditorium T-2 and the Amadeus MkII, as currently pictured on the Well Tempered Labs Web site.



Thanks labpro- when you wrote statement below, I got a bit confused.
"I'm hoping that this Well Tempered/EMT combination will greatly improve my system."
Now you and Jim have me thinking about another EMT. 
Please chime back in if you end up making the move (-:

Great system. Let me know if you are in Phoenix, AZ