cartridge for WELL TEMPERED Amadeus

Hi,which one will matched Well Tempered AMADEUS tonearm,light or heavy weight cartridge?thanks
look at the dynavector and Grado cartridges they will work very well. I would think that a wide variety would do well in the new WTT arm...
I was thinking about a Transfiguration Pheonix or Axia for my Amadeus. Is there any reason why this pairing wouldn't be a good one?
Do you know the effective mass of the Amadeus tonearm? That parameter would be a major determinant of how well a low compliance MC cartridge will "work". Plus, the inherent viscous damping of the WT tonearms is a something that will need some adjustment.
How about a Frog or EMT TSD 15
Notec- I have thought about the Frog Gold, or MC10 Special. I have heard references that The Transfig's can be Koetsu like in the midrange, which is appealing. Should have mentioned, I have a TSD15 on a GTA in my main setup.
This is for a Standard Amdeus for my 2nd system. Lewm- I do not, but will check it out. Even though the WT arm is med/lo mass, apparently the damping trough adjustments allow a good amount of carts to match. Back soon on the effective mass. Cheers -Don
The Amadeus tonearm effective mass is 10gr.
EMT TSD15 is a fantastic match for the fixed mounting length of the WT. It's so smooth, yet it can be very dynamic when the music calls for it. My favorite cartridge after years of Lyra and Dynas.
Another strong vote for the superbly musical EMT TSD15!
Vladimir- Thanks for letting me know it is 10 grams.
Dhcod- No arguments here, I love my Tsd 15. It will stay put on the Amadeus GTA. I'm only considering options for my standard Amadeus, in my second system. Cheers -Don
Oh, I see. I also enjoyed my nuded Denon DL103 a ton-- very easy to diy. Or the Dynas are good too. I've used a 20X2L and heard a 17D3 and the match with WT is a good one.
Try a Audio-Technica AT33PTG/II with 1 gram each fasteners. Love it on my RP6 with GT subplatter and Herbie Mat. You can get them directly from Japan on Amazon or I bought mine from 2juki like many others on this board. Either way, it is below $500 shipped.
Congrats Samtse!
This is a darn good TT that deserves the best cart on the market for the money. When set up properly, this TT can.....and will compete with tables costing much more $$$. My good friend Larry, audiophile guru with 30 years of experience who owns Hollywood Sounds (Hollywood Florida), always has this table on display with a Lyra Delos driven by Rogue Audio. Wow!!!!! Full extension at both ends with eerie black backgrounds, silky highs, and taut bass with a midrange to die for. How good of a cart? Well, I own one now!
Happy listening!