Dust cover for WT Amadeus or any turntable

After a very scary incident with some toddlers who were playing in my listening room, I decided it was time to figure out a cover for my Well Tempered Amadeus table. I found a few options for custom made acrylic covers, and went with JMK Displays, which was significantly less expensive than others I was checking out. There was a recommendation for them on Audiocircle so I went with it. It took a couple of weeks for them to make it and ship it, but it arrived, looks great, and works perfectly. Seems like good quality and was exactly what I needed.

If anyone is interested, here are the dimensions that I used. The thickness seems just right. The depth is slightly bigger than the table, which allows for larger cords or things in the back. I'll add a pic to my system page as I don't think I can post one in this thread (or if so, I don't know how!).

Length 18.75
Deep 16.75
Height 4.5
ID or OD Outside
Material Thickness 3/16" Thk.
Handles with L/R handles 1"H x 4"L
Cut outs NO cord cut-outs

I'm very glad I pulled the trigger on this and now feel much more comfortable when my toddlers head down into the basement to cause trouble.
Funny- I also saw the AC thread, and had put their phone # in my cell. I have a dedicated room, but I have been thinking about doing this for a while. I think in your case, it was a no brainer. So when you put the cover on, there are no CUT-OUTs in the back to let the interconnects through?
I'm stumped on your height. I am in the process of ordering from Jay @ JMK. I measured the tallest part of the Amadeus, and the cylindrical post is 6" from the top of the rack it sits on. If your dustcover sits atop the plinth itself, then it would make sense . Cheers -Don
Gingko makes custom dust covers....very well made, not expensive....nice people.
The cover sits on the plinth itself, so 4.5" is plenty of height. And there are no cutouts needed for interconnects because it sits on the plinth, at least on the amadeus, as the cords are on the back of the table, below the top of the plinth. On some turntables you might need cutouts and they have that as an option, but I didn't need them. Hopefully the pictures that are now on my system page give a decent sense of what I'm talking about.
Thanks- Now that makes sense. I may go with a larger dimension, where it would be larger than the plinth, and sit on the rack. This would require it to be close to 8" high. Hmm, maybe I will give this a few days of thought before going forward.