Well Tempered latest products

I like the golf-ball concept and have a few questions on it.

1) LTD arm - I see 3 screws at the arm-base, for sure I know it is not a SME mount. ;) What is the arm-base mounting specs?

2) Is the LTD arm design based on a standard 9" arm-tube arm-base? But I think its arm-tube is 10.5"...

3) How long can the silicon fluid last in the cup? Does it evaporate over time? How to maintain/clean the fluid?
I have a humid environment, will it affect the silicon fluid? And dusty too... ;)

4) Anyone compared the SONIC performance of the Versalex and Amadeus GTA yet?

Thank you
You should ask these questions at the Well Tempered Lab forum.
3) forever I would imagine, it's very thick, not something that would evaporate. I also live in a dusty place, and that was a concern of mine before buying, but my goop is still looking fine. no need to replace it.
Thanks guys for the response! ;)
If the damping fluid is hygroscopic, it can absorb moisture from the air when there is high humidity and lose that water content when the air is dry. In that way, I suppose the volume of damping fluid can appear to go up and down, but the fluid itself would likely not evaporate to dryness, ever.