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Looking forward to this moving forward and have to agree, bout time. Enjoy the music
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Best headphones between 1500 -2000usd  with so many brands boasting how good they are hard to decide don't need a amplifier open or closed backs dosent  really matter would like to have a good cable supplied with it. Sony or Sensinhieser  come to mind movies  and all music types apply.
"Best" is subjective and depends a lot on the individual's tastes. Do you want a loot of bass? Detailed highs? Midrange emphasis?  Most headphones are tuned To excel in one or more of these areas, but often not all. How important is comfort? Not sure if you already have an amp. If not, you need to find some that are easy to drive.

I think one of the best all arounders in that price range is the Drop Focal Elex. I think they are currently $100 off. There are plenty of cable options available for them. 
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I’m looking for an “:ambience” control like my old Headroom amp had. There was a switch to add center channel sound so it it was not just left and right channels. Better still, a variable soundstage width controller similar to this one:

Boy, this discussion group is seeing some action lately! (Not!)

Grado SR 60 plugged into a Sony Professional portable cassette player. Musical! Note: Grados sound remarkable after the foam pads are removed. I use small thin gel pads instead.
Boy, this discussion group is seeing some action lately! (Not!)
I’d think this could be a very popular group as ‘phones have become ubiquitous in society and popular among audiophiles as well, but it’s buried down toward the bottom of the “topics” list where most members probably don’t see it or even know it’s there.  I’d suggest moving it up the list with the rest of the equipment-related groups — maybe just after “Cables” — and I bet it takes off much quicker. 
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@soix  I think the sorting order might be driven by recent activity. I've seen it go up and down a few times. 
Ah. Thanks @arafiq. Did not know that.