Bluetooth headphones: are there any?

Is there such thing as good bluetooth headphones? The whole discussion about limitations of bluetooth aside, what are the options for high quality ones? 

After surveying reviews I've got the Sennheiser Momentum 2 On Ear, huge disappointment... back to square 1.
Do you absolutely need them to be Bluetooth or is it really the capability of wireless you need?
Need them for travel, so yes, has to be bluetooth
There's lots and lots. Check out
There are many options for really good bluetooth headphones. By the standard of people whose standard is bluetooth.
Rtings has measurements of quite a few. Depending on what phone you have, the quality can be real good. 
Bose has a poor reputation, but the QC35 II’s are real good for what they are, as well as the competing Sony MDR1000X M3.
As I wrote - yes, seen the ratings, and that's how I got to the Momentum 2. So, I thought I'll try not to go to ratings and see where it takes me... 
If you're using a cell phone as source, and you have an iPhone then make sure the BlueTooth headphones specifically state they are ACC compatible.  Most of the newer models are, but always good to double check.

If you're using a Droid phone, and it's uses aptX, then get headphones that are aptX compatible.  This will provide the best SQ while using BT, IMO.

Good luck!
What are you comparing to?

 I have the Bowers and Wilkins PX and really like them. I would definitely choose over ear instead of on ear. 
I am pretty happy with B&W phones, but I have the older non noise canceling version, so I then added the Sony’s, which are excellent noise cancelers and decent phones to boot.  The B&W are more comfortable.