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700.00 speakers new or used
ProAc Studio Two 
Rebuild or new cartridge with my zeta tonearm
Denon 301 or Sumiko BluePoint S model. I have both and they both are very fine, sweet-sounding cartridges. The Denon is a bit more laid-back 
Built a DIY butcher block and iron pipe rack over the weekend
get get some heavy rubber stock mat from tractor supply and cut out squares. Stack several for isolation feet. Cheap and should work well 
Need preamp recommendation
Second AVA, or search eBay for older McIntosh Conrad Johnson, Dynaco or similar tube preamp 
purchasing US made speakers
purchasing US made speakers
Vandy, Ohm, JBL 
Subwoofer Suggestion
@Kulo:El Pipe-O is a DIY sub. Quite a large variety of woofers can be used as drivers. I’m sure you could find a suitable pair locally.  
Guidance on Speaker Wire
#4 or #6 welding cable would be a good and inexpensive choice  
Are cables really worth their high price because of their geometry?
Subwoofer Suggestion 
Subwoofer Suggestion
here’s a link  
Subwoofer Suggestion
Either the largest HSU Research subs or El Pipo from the DIY plans available free in the web 
Good entry level cables
Make your own from bulk Belden cable and good gold-plated terminals  
What do/did you do for a living?
Retired IT Executive and master goldsmith  
Speaker upgrade around 100k retail
you font say how much space you gage; but, if you’ve got enough, for WAY less than  hundred large; why not get four Klipsch corner horns and two large Klipsh horns for front and rear center channels. Then add a pair of big, mean subwoofers, maybe ...