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Most achingly-beautiful music
Pink Floyd's Great Gig in the Sky on the Dark Side of the Moon 
Intimate Live Acoustic Recordings
Any of the Tiny Desk Concerts on YouTube 
New upper trim level Corvette or seven year old used amps?
I had a '12 Cayman S before I got my 911, great fun, but I found it a little claustrophobic, amazing how much stuff you could get in it between the two trunks though. @jyadlon, what year is your GTS? We love ours. I know the Panamera's look is pol... 
New upper trim level Corvette or seven year old used amps?
Not many Porsches will appreciate like yours, maybe the GT or RS cars, but nothing since the 993 has.  
New upper trim level Corvette or seven year old used amps?
"I asked my spoiled spouse and she said “ Vette is a girls car “.... she does have a mean streak"Hah! Not too many gold chain wearing hairy chest exposing girls that I know. Maybe she means the Boxster lol. The new mid engine vette is appealing, b... 
Upgrading HT and 2channel stereo
When I first got my MRX300, I used a 250WPC Parasound 5 channel amp I already owned, was using Vandersteen 2Cs and their CC and surround speakers. When the amp broke, I just powered everything off the Anthem and honestly didn't notice much differe... 
What's Your Favorite Type of Listening Chair for Audio
Eames lounge chair with ottoman 
Upgrading HT and 2channel stereo
Why get the 1120 if you're not going to use the amps? Get the 720 which has the same number of channels minus a few amps and the bigger toroidal power supply for $1000 less. The room correction software works great. I just upgraded from a MRX 300 ... 
Mattresses, not stereos is where the money is
"The mattress people make it almost impossible to comparison shop.They change the name of the models depending upon the store that's selling them. The manufacturer's name stays the same, but the name of the model changes.What you see at the mattr... 
Goodbye iTunes for Mac
Only complaint with Catalina was it had to re sync all my audio files on my iphone which took an hour or so 
What is your favorite budget audio component?
Logitech Squeezebox Touch- still going strong many years after it was discontinued 
Why does streaming need to be so complex
@mapman, glad to see I'm not alone. I still run LMS as well and use Plex more for concert movies. I even figured out a way to use IPeng player on my phone so I can airplay to the speakers on my deck, but it doesn't always work right.  My buddy has... 
Goodbye iTunes for Mac
My problems were when I was using our family plan for Apple Music. I thought it would be nice to have access to new music to try, but that's what messed up my hi res collection. Once I turned off Apple Music, everything has been back to normal, bu... 
Goodbye iTunes for Mac
Are you having any issues with Apple Music messing with your CD collection? I have a bunch of live concerts in Flac that I converted to Apple Lossless to use with my phone, but found that Apple Music substituted most of the tracks for low res stud...