Warren Haynes and Derek Trucks exit ABB

....just read where Waren Haynes and Derek Trucks will be leaving the Alllman Brothers Band at the end of this year. I have enjoyed watching Warren through the years but I was never much of a Derek Trucks fan who by the way is a fantastic guitar player - I just never cared for his style of play. I am a big Dickey Betts fan but do not see him coming back although I would really like to see it as there is some bad blood between him and Gregg. After 45 years I wonder what is going to happen to this band ???? Gregg, Jaimoe and Butch and still can play pretty good.
When I saw Derek with The ABB (10 or 12 years ago, maybe?) I thought he had the Duane A. slide style down cold and I thought he fit like a glove.
Each of those guys has his own band happening and neither is an original member. I'm sure there are many capable replacments standing in the wings ready to "suit up." Weep not, fear not.
I think that Warren and Derek will each continue to contribute to their own solo projects for years to come. They are both juggling touring schedules with 2 or 3 bands and also trying to raise families. Gregg could put together guitar players for ABB pretty easily- Joe Bonamassa anyone? Last week I bought a great live cd of the Gregg Allman Band playing at the New Orleans Jazzfest. It is the only live release from his 2011 solo tour featuring a tight brass section with interesting versions of "Dreams" and "I'M No Angel." I can also highly recommend a band out of NY called Great Caesar's Ghost. GCG specializes in covers of ABB and Grateful Dead songs. Butch has played with them and they are endorsed by ABB. Both of these discs are available on Hittinthenote.com
ABB is classic and always will be. Trucks and Tedeschi are putting out some excellent music in their own right! Well recorded and produced LP's - a bonus!
Pops- I just ordered Everybody's Talkin, TTB's live 2Lp set.
Have you heard this one? I have seen ABB several times, and Susan and her band maybe 4 years ago. She is a hell of a performer. I feel as if she flies under the radar...!
I have not heard that one Fjn04 - please let me know how it is...I agree with you about Susan T -
I wonder if Devon Allman might join the old man? The kids a hell of a guitar player.
Has anyone heard the new Goverment Mule (Haynes) album - Shout?

Pretty awesome 2 CD album. The Govt Mule CD is all sung by Haynes. The second CD are all the same songs sung by guest artists, including Steve Winwood, Dave Matthews and others.

IMO the songs need Haynes voice as the definitive version, but it is interesting to hear the difference.