Any Derek Trucks Band fans?

Although I'm generally not that into blues I've recently purchased 2 CDs by this band and enjoy them quite a bit. I find them to be somewhat eclectic in that there seems to be diverse influences. Anyone care to post some opinions or observations on this group? Favorite titles?
DTB is so much more than blues. Check out "Songlines" and
"Joyful Noise" better yet, catch them live if you can.
You've got to check out the Crossroads:Eric Clapton Guitar Festival 2007 DVD set. He's one of the featured guitarist. It's also one of the best sounding Concert DVDs if you have a nice home theater setup.
the 2007 crossroad video is totally amazing. each musician tops the one before. jeff beck puts in an unbelievable
performance. derek trucks plays great yet "effortlessly".
j.mayor really shows what he can do as well. now i love the guitar more than ever.
Songlines was a very good and eclectic album. His last one though didn't do it for me. It sounds like he's just noodling along and the songs weren't as diverse or as well composed as the previous album.

It's gotten a lot of praise, but perhaps just wasn't my cup of tea.

Saw Trucks live as he opened for Santana. I have most of his disks now and love them all. Funny thing, I kept feeling I was watching Duane Almond as they played, that distinctive guitar sound just brought me back. I later discovered Derek was the guitar player for Almond Brothers Band, go figure...

Hey look into Derek's wife too, My favorite Susan Tedeschi, the best blues woman since Janis!

Duane Almond????? Almond Brothers Band?????
Almond! LOL!! LOL!!
Thats where the Almond Joy candy bar came from - Gregg and Duane Almond!
almond joys...nice pic, my recomeend is the more current double disc 2003 set of Derek Trucks Band from the GA Theatre, athens ga...available from the good people at hittin the note site cheap too