"Already Free" - Derek Trucks Band

Excellent CD by Derek Trucks, quite possibly his best. Btw, Derek produced this CD himself, and sound quality is definely a "cut above" most commercial CDs. Also, Best Buys has this CD on sale for $9.99 and it includes 3 bonus tracks.

In addition, this recording is also available in vinyl (but not at Best Buys).
Songlines was an amazing CD in its own right. If this one is along the same lines then I'm putting it on my list.

BTW - 9.99 at Amazon as well.
I bought this and the new Tedeschi yesterday. CDs. I thought the sound was not too good but the songs are great. They both sounded like they were recorded/produced in in-home studios, which they were. I will try Back to the River on vinyl...
Can't beat a bit of Derek Trucks. Like 'Songlines', Its a must have in the/any collection.
Here's a review that was written over on the Hittin the Web site by a poster that goes by the name of dadof2. Pretty good review. Btw, Zieman, the sonics of this CDs are much better than what's on the Tedeschi CD.

"Starting with the inside cover &,the pics,the layout,if in album form(!),for you ole timers,this is a blast from the past.The liner notes are top notch,the kind you read in the ole days that let ya know ya were about to hear something special.

The sonic quality of the cd is pretty good,but i still gotta believe this would be even better on vinyl.

1.Down in The Flood--Dylan song....nice! DT on bass--heavy,musta been listening to Woody-lol.
The mix is busy or muddled at times,but it's focus is on the song...Mike does justice on this song(speaking as a Dylan/Band freak)...anyone notice(particularly on live,extended cuts) that the lead intro sounds like the JGB on Dear Prudence!

2.Something To Make You Happy--Love Doyle's singing & his playing augments the sound perfectly--a perfect guitar buddy for Derek! nice song...

3.Maybe This Time--song grabs ya...great bass by Pecchio & Doyle is kick ass...nice groove,becomes hauntingly metaphysical. DT wrote a good one! And he plays inspiring guitar...

4.Sweet Inspiration--this song & album) requires multiple listens to absorb.vey tuneful.DT plays the dums too.Susan joins in,nice!a nice sing along at the end & evokes togetherness still yearned for--well done song!

5.Don't Miss Me--DT wrote another...great groove,love Greenwell on drums & pecchio on bass.Catchy tune & DT blows the roof with his geetar...
very professional production,an album to listen to many times!

6.Get What You Deserve--DT,Mattison,Bramhall song.no bass listed here?.DT leads special. a bit of a pedestrian song.

7.Our Love--sweet ass vocal by Doyle.nice acoustic by DT & also written by DT & Doyle.Kofi piano interlude was very well done & was great lead in to great lead by DT (i'd love to hear a bit more piano in the mix--but,that's my personal preference!) Oteil on bass--very nice. excellent song as most have been so far.

8.Down Don't Bother Me --Susan joins in the fun! sweet groovin' music with Mike laying down the song & the band humbly laying back with little bursts of DT leads--short,but hittin' the note.The influence of Duane,EC,Santana,Miles,Coltrane,Robbie,Muddy,Son House,HUbert,Howlin',etc.& all the older or depated musical giants are evident in his passion,tone,choice of notes,style,& the virtue of patience--to respect the integrity of the song.He does it here!!

9.Days Is Almost Gone--DT,Kofi,Mike wrote this.Another example of the deep respects for the song & the art of song writing.DT soars above & the horns are finally somewhat in the mix on this song.

10.Susan sings like an angel in a DT/Warren tune & DT's sarod & acoustic playing are soulful & deeply felt...Pecchio & Greenwell excellent on bass & drums.

a general comment--horns are barely heard throughout most of the cd,but all said this is the best DT album--truly mature & disciplined--it may piss some off,but it's all taste,& i think this release would be a cause for celebration for music freaks in the 60's & 70's--the business & tastes have changed,even cd's don't matter,but people would have long ago got up & showed the recognition of this man's wide ranging brilliance & talent & the future possibilities...nonetheless an album worth deeply exploring...

11.I Know--great intro,crisp DT playing is the standout here.very melodious & tuneful & renegizes the album as it's last song approaches(OK--unless ya got it at best buy--lol)

12.Already Free--down in the delta feel--tribal touch,with DT shining--backporch playin'...too short...leaving me eager to hear the next album he is kind enough to release & bless us with.Thank you Derek & everyone involved!"

and this my review from the Hittin the Web site.

"I picked up the 15 track Best Buys version of "Already Free" today for $9.99. All I can say is that I'm very impressed and that the dTb has become the "keepers of the flame". I'm an "old school" guy who was fortunate to see the orginal ABB (w/ Duane Allman) on three different occasions. I like Derek's playing but for a long time I think he was a more technical player than one like Duane, who had so much emotion, feel, soul and heart in his playing. On this CD, Derek has let his playing become much more emotional and comes closer to the spirit of Duane Allman. Some where Duane Allman is smiling. The Allman Brothers Band, by and large has become a "legacy band" (although a very good one), but the real future of what Duane wanted the ABB to become lies with Derek and the dTb. As such, at least with recordings such as "Already Free", I think it's in very good hands."
I only see a 12 track version. Where do you see 15 tracks?
Well, maybe a little better overall, but I prefer the vocal treatment on Susan's. Same studio, same recording/mixing gear, same computer station. Really very similar sound. I would love to see either live, since fans will likely get both artists for the price of one! The sound quality does not keep me from listening!
Any chance the Best Buy Special sounds better than the 12 track version?

I prefer "feel, soul, groove" over sonic perfection. Sometimes in the process of sonic perfection, the "soul" of a recording gets lost. Very few recording are able to capture both.
Cleanedup, This is why I spin vinyl. It can capture both. If you read that review you posted, it describes the "muddyness" I hear. These two artists have moved WAY up my 'must see live' short list. Susan was on Leno Tues, and I was waiting for my local record shop to open the next morning! They only had the CDs. I will buy both LPs and report back.
It appears that the vinyl mix of this recording is different (and superior) to the CD mix. Guess I'm going to have to find someone who has a vinyl copy of this recording and have a listen myself. Thanks to MrBlues44 over on the Hittin the Web site for this comment.

"Picked up the vinyl & the cd, and I gotta say that the mix for the vinyl is sonically very different than the cd, imo. It is a different master than the cd, as the LP liner notes state. I dig the cd mix, but man after I got home and threw the needle in the groove it was like listening to a different album, the openess of it, the space between the instruments, the tone of derek's amp, it felt like I just popped my head in the door of derek's studio because you can feel that room."
Heard the album last night. I'd call it Allman Brothers 3.0. not lite. I heard the original Allmans. Duane was unique. Their music was groundbreaking at the time. Overall I prefer the new, updated version (Allman 2.0) . Too me, Already Free sounds like an evolution of the theme. Like the more blues/RB feeling than the eastern stuff on Songlines. Though I LOVE Crow Jane and Chevrolet
Just my opinion
Although this new DT album is pretty good, both my wife and I prefer tha last one "Songlines" overall. I think it's the variety on that one that just hits a chord.

Plus his playing on the new one seems a bit aimless, even though the songs themselves are pretty good. He's just ploinking away behind the music in many places.