Derek Trucks

I have seen Derek in a number of DVD's and finally decided to try some of his own cd's. I picked up Derek Trucks Band "Songlines", this cd is fantastic, I keep playing it over and over. Guitar, flute and vocals kick. Another great cd I purchased recently that is also great is Jason Isbell(formerly in Drive by Truckers) "Sirens of the Ditch".
It's hard to find cd's like these two that from the 1st listen, just grab you.
Any rec's for other titles from Derek or Jason that are must haves?
Derek is I believe the nephew of Butch Trucks from the Allman Bros Band and is married to Susan Tedeschi. So there's music in the blood and family. I haven't purchased any CD's yet by him but I have most of Susan T's CD's. He plays on some of her cuts. I can hear the similarity between Derek and the original Allman Bros Band (Duane I believe). I'll have to take a listen to "Songlines" next. Thanks for the recommendation.
He's playing with Eric Clapton right now. He also played slide on Clapton and JJ Cales last CD.

The kid has skills.
pdn is right about D.T.-he's butch trucks' nephew---he's had his own band for several years, and has toured with the allman bros numerous times. i've seen him live lots of times, 3 of which were with the allmans...

the first time i saw him he was 13 years old...and VERY impressive for such a young dude. his gibson SG was huge on him! most recent time i saw him was last summer (august 07) on the allman bros tour...his playing had matured noticably, really vastly improved. maybe hanging out with warren haynes has helped him round out his expertise...he seemed more relaxed than ever, just willing to sit back and not overplay, deferring to warren... really jelled with the band better than ever before.

derek trucks and warren haynes together are a tour-de-force, for sure! the allman bros always come out to play. if you love their music, don't pass up a chance to catch them live...derek and warren will probably be there.

never listened to any D.T. records, but the live experience has been great...his wife susan tedeschi is fantastic also!
seen her perform twice...lotta talent between the two of them.

Thing to do, if at all possible, is see the Derek Trucks Band live... I started seeing them years back... before they got "big"... lots of musical fun, they played small clubs then..still do in some towns..
DTB website has touring schedule.. this is one of those bands that is fun on cd and dvd, but live.. they really get the energy out there... very creative and diverse.. Bob Marley, Blues, Coltrane, originals... Derek is one of the all too few people who seems to channel music through himself at times..
kind of how a superb stereo gets out of the way... he does too.. the music just flows..
yeah, seen him live & here's a great one....pickup Derek Trucks Band Live at the Georgia Theatre double CD from 2003 ($14!). you can only order it on the 'hittin' the note' website.
Took your advice and checked DT's schedule. They are coming to St. Paul April 21st. Got tickets and the bonus is that they are playing with Santana! This is going to be a banner year Santana, DT and I'm also going to see Mark Knoffler in July. I haven't seen this many bands live in one year since the 70's.
You got the "Songlines" CD... Have you seen the "Songlines" DVD? Good stuff...
"Out of the Madness" is in my CD player a couple times a month. > Audio > Live Music > Search > "Derek Trucks"
Hard to go wrong with any of his stuff....

Thanks for the link Slothman.
Derek as been as full member of the Allman Brothers Band since 1998, in addition to having his own Derek Trucks Band. As much as I enjoy hearing Warren and Derek playing together in the Allman Brothers Band, if you really want to hear what Derek can do, you need to see him in the Derek Trucks Band. Couple of his CDs that haven't been mentioned but are excellent are "Joyful Noise" and "Soul Serenade"
Forgot to mention this project involving both Derek Trucks and his wife, Susan Tedeschi.

Derek Trucks and Susan Tedeschi Soul Stew Revival.

If they come around your "neck of the woods", definely worth checking out.
Derek really is amazing. Been an Allmans fan since Duane. Saw him 5 or 6 years ago right after Dickie seemed to disappear and though, ok. Saw him on the Clapton DVD and though, wow!

I have Live at Georgia Theatre, great music!
I think I heard a couple suggestions for "Live at Georgia Theater", I will pick that one up this week-end. I probably will end up playing it all week-end, if it is anyway near as good as "Songlines"
I didn't see any comments about Jason Isbell, this cd is also very listenable.