VPI Classic Platter- Naked or better with a mat?

I was contemplating trying a Living Voice Mystic Mat or Millenium mat, as I've read very positive reviews about it for my Super Scoutmaster Ref. rimdrive. I called Music Direct and was told to leave the Classic platter as it is without using a mat, as it is a beautiful platter the way it is. The salesperson also said he did not hear it with a mat, but thought it was great without any mat. Very refreshing to not be told that it would make a positive difference and try to sell you. I appreciate that about Music Direct. Just wondering what others have tried and what your experiences are with different mats. Thanks.
Hi...I have tried with and without and prefer without. I used the Boston MA -1.
A mat will definitely change the sound of the table. The questions remains, will it sound better to your ears? Home demo is the only way to go.
I have a Classic 1 and MUCH prefer it without. The other advantage that you get without is no static with the stock rubber VPI mat.

Go naked!!!
I think a lot will depend upon the tonal balance of your system. I prefer using the Classic platter naked (esp. for the dynamics, low end and resolution) but if one had a system that might be a little lean or tipped up, a mat might be the answer. BTW, VPI did provide two mats with the plater, one being a thin paper and the other being rubberized. One doesn't really need to worry about SRA/VTA with the paper mat but will need to adjust those parameters with the rubber. You might look up my comments on the platter at PFO/Products of the Year for last year.
Thank you all for your responses.

Myles, I appreciate your information. I have enjoyed reading your reviews over the years.
Thank you! Enjoyed writing all the reviews (and still do).
Myles, If the best of 2 options depends on the rest of the system, then that suggests both options have strengths and weaknesses. Ergo both have weaknesses. This conclusion seems to me to suggest "complementary colorations" is how you assemble a system. The logical conclusion from your comments is that both options are suboptimal and an alternative should be sought.
Dover....NO colorations is the real answer. One can search a lifetime for products that have complimentary colorations. Regarding the Classic platter mat....I thought that paper one was just there to protect the thin rubber one in transit.....I tossed it immediately.
Stringreen - you misread my post, I dont ascribe to the complementary colorations school of audio engineering.
I have tried a herbie's mat with mine but, I prefer no mat.
Regarding the Classic platter mat....I thought that paper one was just there to protect the thin rubber one in transit.....I tossed it immediately.

What is trash to some audiophiles is nirvana to others ?

I better say it before Syntax does.

This is High End today.

Thanks for the smile Stringreen.

That's not what I'm saying. HW includes the mat to better integrate the platter design into all systems. Most audiophiles (myself included) use the Classic platter sans mat.

But I have to say that I have yet to hear an uncolored cartridge. Lyra, Koetsu, van den Hul, ZYX, Clearaudio, Shelter, etc. -they all have a "house" sound. (no different than electronics eg never going to mistake cj for ARC or Krell for Rowland!).
Just installed a Classic platter and bearing on my Scout. The platter came with a mat from VPI that features their logo and strobe markings on the perimeter. It appears to be made of a type of fiber and is about 1/8" thick. I have compared the sound with the mat and naked and prefer the sound with the mat--more textured to my ears and tonally correct. I thought I'd revive this thread to see what other mat options might have been tried of late. Thanks for the input!
With my Aries 3 that has the Classic platter I am using a Herbie's mat and prefer it when using the Delrin/SS clamp included with the table.  Without the mat the voices seemed to me to be dispersed and not focused.  I recently purchased a ring clamp and SS wt and will try with and without the mat to decide how they work together.
Although I trashed my paper mat for my VPI Classic platter, I found a leather skin mat that seems to make music more like music, and less like hifi https://www.amazon.com/Premium-Leather-Deer-Hide-Turntable/dp/B00JDWHDSS/ref=zg_bs_11973971            I figured for 40 dollars I’d experiment. (suede side down for me)
Miner can you tell me exactly which model Herbies mat you purchased? Also, did it help reduce static in the winter?
The Herbies mat I have was on my Rega P9 previously - a mat made for the P9.  I still have static somewhat in the winter but not as bad as without the mat.
Ordered a Herbies Way Excellent II mat yesterday. I'll post when I have had some time listening with and without the mat. Thanks everyone.
I have a Prime and a static issue.  Jake's deer hide mat available from Amazon and on Ebay that Stringreen recommended helps quite a bit to drain static with the suede side up. 
Classic 1 here .. 
  Have a vpi strobe mat super thin rubber mat .. Never use them i go no mat 99% of the time . Mess around with it . One  of the only cheaper things in this hobby 
This is a family-oriented forum.  Please take your platter porn elsewhere.  ;-)

I have a Prime too, and like you I had bad static, and I also purchased the deer skin.  Solved my static issue for the most part completely. The static is the only negative about the Prime, otherwise it's a wonderful deck. 
I'm using an Acoustech electronic stylus force gauge--have for years. I'm wondering if anyone is using the same and found this: When I put the gauge down on the aluminum platter, it won't zero out. It flits about with positive and negative numbers. I move it to a different location and it zeros out fine. I never had this problem with my original Scout acrylic platter. I can't get an accurate VTF reading without the gauge sitting at zero before I drop the needle. Thoughts?
Do you have the cart near the scale when zeroing?  My benz ruby will move the scale a few hundredths of a gram easy making it tough to calibrate, I now add a sheet of lint free fabric to the scale and zero with the cart docked.
On my Classic 3 SE Sig...  one thing I appreciate about this table is it's ability to sonically sort out all kinds of accessories I want to try.

Any item I try results in a different sound. This is, after all, a plus. To be able to "tune" your tt to your liking is a good thing as long as you have an understanding of the differences.

I always go naked. (I don't own a periphery ring). I find big differences in the Stillpoints LP 1 vs the VPI center weight. I usually prefer the Stillpoints. I'm in the process of having a VPI center weight machined to accept different materials. Just from my own test, I've used carbon fiber, vinyl, and ebony gaboon. All have a different sonic signature.

Regarding static, my expensive but well worth while investment in an Audio Desk cleaner solves the static problem.
Hey guys I've been using a Herbies Way Excellent II mat for the past few weeks and find this way better (pardon the pun) than the naked platter. Highly recommended!
Hey guys--reviving this thread. For those using the Classic platter--are you using the small round disc (about 1.5" diameter) over the spindle and under the record so that when the clamp is applied the record does not "dish"? This came with my original Scout acrylic platter but I've lost it and am finding that when I clamp down on the Classic platter the record edge lifts a little bit as the center is depressed. With the Scout and the disc the clamp would basically flatten the record right out to the edge. Thoughts?
I have the Classic platter....tried many mats, but certainly prefer none. (no small round disc over the spindle)
"I have the  Classic platter....tried many mats, but certainly prefer none. (no small round disc over the spindle"

Stringreen-there certainly isn't any "rule" how to play a record with the Classic platter.The  rubber disc enables the clamp to flatten the record on the platter. How do you accomplish this without?

The pressure/surface area of the clamp over the label is bending the record on the platter,thus flattening the disc.

No mat for me just center weight and the P Ring.  


   Contact VPI and they will send you another wasg\her - it is required when using the clamp, but not required with the weight.

I as stated run no mat and yes i use the screw clamp with the rubber center under my lp