Von Schweikert VR5SE / Aerial 20T V2 ?

I have at the moment the Eggleston Andra II, I want to change
by Areial 20T V2 or Von Schweikert VR5SE anyone heard and compare them?
The System: the emm labs TDS1/DAC2 and Viola Bravo/Spirito amps/preamps and alls cable Purist anniversary.

Thank you for yours answers threads.
I have heard the Von Schweikert VR5s and they are in my opinion one of the very best speakers on the market today.
Can 2nd the 5se.
3rd the VS5se..Havent heard the new version of the 20T but the original version was to directional for me
Rilou, why do you want to change? What do you not like about you Andra 2's?

I would look elsewhere within your set-up and keep the Andra's they are amazing speakers.

The other two speakers you have mentioned are nice also.
I've heard both and they are both world class and have a lot of similarities. The 20t probably comes off as being a bit larger which could be a consideration if you're listening room is big. Ultimately the best choice would come down to synergism with your other components, and your personal preferences. I would strongly suggest listening to both in your set up. That's really the only way to tell.
I've heard both. VR5SE bass is outstanding. The lower midrange was a bit muddy (could be the amp or source). Highs were exagerated (had him turn down the back-firing tweeter but that only helped a little). This was the dealers personal pair in his home. Wasn't my type of sound reproduction. I urge you to listen to this speaker with your own ears before you buy.

20T. Great speaker top to bottom. The ribbon is directional, though (the dealer pointed it out and discussed it with me). Once out of the sweet spot the sound changes character. This is a great speaker, but the directionalness would bug me. I'd like to see that speaker without the ribbon.
Andra 2 is a great speaker. I'd look into your amplification before jumping into the VR5s or the Aerial.
Although between the Aerial and the VR5s, I'd choose the VR5s.
Fredrick21 makes great comments but I thought I would add to his concern over the directionalness (is that even a word?) of the 20t because I think it is overstated. In other words they'll take your breath away in the sweet spot which is and they'll sound great everywhere else. You know I heard that comment about the Vandersteen 5as I almost bought before the 20ts and then I realized I sit in that location anyway so who cares. Then I tried it and it was no big deal. That's not to say it won't bother you, but that's my experience.
Are you saying the Vandy 5As *are* directional or not? I heard them yesterday and thought they had a very wide dispersion.
Soooooo much depends on the rest of the system. The 5A's reproduce what the other components send to it. There aren't many speakers better than the 5A's at any price.
I didn't buy the 5a's, I instead went for the 20t's. However one of the comments people often make about the 5a's is they are directional, same for the 20t's. I would guess those comments are overstated in both instances. I mentioned it because it kept me from buying the Vandersteens, and I think some put too much emphasis on it. As far as whether the Vandersteens are in fact directional, I am not a good resource as I've never lived with them.
Good choice IMO.
Frederick21,, curious, what was your personal audio set-up,, electronics, cables, speakers before you auditioned the Von's? I'd like to know what your "reference" was at the time.

Why are you selling your aerials?

Downsizing. At their price point I doubt they can be beat. They are as good as it gets!
Scott- You may also be considering 20t's wondering if there is something wrong with them, or if I've found something better? There isn't and I have not.
I cannot comment on comparison of the VR-5SE (or newer edition VR-5A) with Aerials because I never listened to the latter, but as an owner of VR-5A, supported by good electronics, I must agree with many others in this thread that they (VR-5A) are indeed phenomenal speakers. I plan to keep them for life. With every genuine improvement to my system they are sounding better, meaning that are still best component in my system and limiting its performance whatsoever. To me, they are like a large, open window into a blue, sunny sonic sky. I wish that many recording studios had them in place when they were recording or mastering their recordings ... .

Why the curiosity? There was no mention as to how either sounded to a reference. I gave my opinion on what I heard in regards to that particular speaker at the time. I auditioned them about one week apart.
The Aerial hands down is a better speaker. With the right amp the 20T are amazing.