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Wilson Sasha , Avalon Indra or Magico V3?
The Wilson would be the only true full range speaker out of this group. The other need a Sub to get a true full range sound. With the spectral I would take the magico off that list. 
Upgrading from Verity Sarastro I to II
The upgrade is more then $3000. I believe it's $6000 and no i wouldn't do it. The only reason why they came out with series II is because Raven stop producing that tweeter used in series I. They were forced to change the speaker. Now Verity makes ... 
Wilson Sophia vs. Piega P10
Having owned both the Wilson is a much better speaker. The Piegas were some of the worse speakers I've owned in there price range. 
Audio Research Ref 5 preamp
Kurt,I found about the same thing when I did a direct a/b with the Ref 5 an Ref 3. Nice job...... 
Would this be much of an upgrade.
Yes the Parasound A51 would be a move up over the B&K. 
Speaker suggestion for Lamm ML2.1 amps
The WP8 are 92DB and dip to 2.2 ohm at 77hz. The Sasha is 91DB and dip pretty low to 1.8 ohm at 92HZ and the Maxx are 91db and dip to 2.9 ohm at 24hz. So the WP8 are the easiest to drive but the Maxx should be easier on an amps since it doesn't di... 
Speaker suggestion for Lamm ML2.1 amps
Vladimir Lamm uses Wilson so that says something. 
Von Schweikert vs Wilson
You will love the WP8. Just take your time setting them up and fellow the manual. You also need to toe in the WP8 so that should help with side reflections and help the brightness your room has. 
Von Schweikert vs Wilson
I've heard the VS VR-5 the newest ones and came away not overly impressed. Now when I heard the WP8 I came away very very impressed. Impressed enough that I bought them. Now when I got them home I got them to sound even better. 
Kharma ceramic blow up
Having had 2 Kharma drivers blow up on me also, I gave up and after they were fixed and I sold them. I then had Avalon diamonds and never had any problems and with the same amps. Find another brand is my best advice and one that doesn't have ceram... 
Ayre K1xe vs First Sound Presence Deluxe Mk II
Kurt tank,You are correct. I forgot it's there tube amps I was thinking of. Yes I've had most of the good highend amps. They are all good in there own right. I will never fault any of them but they all sound very different. I was a big tube amp gu... 
Revel Studio 1, B&W 802N or Sonus Faber Cremonas
Maybe he doesn't want to overspend on speakers and buy electronics over time. Maybe he wants to buy it all at once, ever think of that. It's his money not yours. Why are you getting so upset about it? Does this have any affect on you? My god you a... 
Revel Studio 1, B&W 802N or Sonus Faber Cremonas
Toetapfactor,What are you talking about! Just because there are newer models doesn't mean the old models are junk. Pretty soon there will be Salon 3 then are salon 2 junk? Your mindset is ass backwards. I think buying the old model is a very smart... 
Revel Studio 1, B&W 802N or Sonus Faber Cremonas
For cables if you can swing Kubala Emotions you would be rewarded. Emotions are great cables and really make a difference unlike most $$$$ cables. 
preamp for ARC 210 monos
You would be foolish not to use a Ref 3 or Ref 5. They have a magic synergy together.