Dynaudio C4 vs Von Schweikert VR5SE Have to travel

I am looking for a new speaker set up for hi fi and 2 channel and would like to hear from people familiar with these two choices for the following reasons:
The Dynaudio dealer in Ohio near me only had the C2 speakers to audition which are just great on mids and highs for my taste. They never got bright or painfull at high volume and female vocals and awsome brass sounded as smooth as silk. My problem came in at the bass side which bottomed out the driver during the audition. It was quick and tight but fell shy. The store told me the C4 would be a great improvement in bass. I then have read a bunch of great reviews on the vr5se Vons but have to travel far to hear them. (Today I contacted them to find the nearest dealer and will travel if needed.) I will not buy speakers un-auditioned but am curious if any one has heard both of these speaker choices. My final thought was even thinking of the Dynaudio Evidence Temtation (used of course in this price range). I am slightly concerned abount used gear like speakers, but if the warranty could be tranfered would make me feel better.
Thanks for your input.
I owned the C2's and now own the C4's. I've never heard the VS's.

When I had the C2's in a 14x19x8 room I thought they were near perfect. You're correct that there problem is the bottom end, but I found in that room, with most volumes I listen at, that in practical use, I didn't run up against it all that much.

Then I moved my system to a 20x40x9 area that opens onto the rest of the house. I then ran into the lack of low-end much more often - there wasn't nearly as much room reinforcement, and the room supports louder volumes with no additional fatigue. So, I sold the C2's and bought the C4's. They unequivocally "solve" the bass issue in my new room - subjectively, they go much deeper and play much louder. While I have demo'd them to friends a few times recently, I'd play something like Stevie Ray Vaughan at a good volume, and the drum thwack just about knocked me over. I would never have gotten that out of the C2's.

I really liked the C2's a lot and wouldn't hesitate to have them again in a medium-sized room. I haven't (yet) tried the C4's to see how they would sound in a smaller room - I could imagine that they'd overload it.

I, too, would now love to hear the Temptations, especially in a larger room. I, too, have worried about shipment of something that large and heavy. However, I did buy the C4's on this site, and they were shipped in absolute perfect condition. I think it's all about spending a bit more on shipping and being willing to be patient.
One caution about the C4's: They are very hard to place in a room and achieve the proper sonic balance. Read the Stereophile review of them online.

I was happy with them when I owned them but this was an issue. Personally I would save my money up and get the Temptations(well come to think of it I did!).
A Dynaudio dealer here. The C2 is an amazing speaker, but it does have it's limitations. I love it's detail and presence, but the C4 builds upon what the C2 does so well and adds the low end.

As for the Temptations, this is the best speaker I've ever heard period! I was recently reminded of this just last week as I had a high end customer purchase these mated with the Krell EVO's. Simply amazing clarity and low end. My customer was so blown away I must have received dozens of emails and phone calls from him since the install last week.

As for the packaging of the Temptations? They are bomb proof!!!! It would be nearly impossible to damage these unless someone handled these very carelessly. These will come in three boxes weighing in at over 800 pounds total weight. My back is still sore.

Not a fan of VS and that's all I have to say.
4 pairs of temptations for sale on here now. Seems like alot for a relatively rare speaker. Times must be tough.
I think times are tough for some. Lot's of people have been downsizing homes lately. I think the low interest adjustable mortgage rates are biting people in the rear. People were crazy for buying into those unless they were buying investment properties. My father-in-law is a realtor in Phoenix and he's heard his share of crying stories.

Back on topic......You need space for the Temptations. I've seen a few ads here on Audiogon with pics. I'm amazed at the cramped spaces some of these people are stuffing the Temptations into.
That's why I bought Temptations instead of a house!

A couple of things: 1. The Dali Megalines are the best speaker I have ever heard(and I own the Temptations).
2. I don't have a huge room but my Temptations sound great.
3. I had a pair of C4's and I felt there was a night and day difference between the C4's and C2's(not just in the lower registers)
Don't know much on the C4's, but I owned the Temptations for two years and now own the VonSchweikert VR5's.First off they are both great speakers but in my room which is rather on the small side I prefer the V's. You are doing the right thing by auditioning, room size and Eq. should have a lot to do with your choice.