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Which amp to drive Verity Parsifal Ovation Monitor
You are on the wrong track. I have heard both and preferred the Simaudio on Verity speakers. But those speakers allow low powered tubes and that is where you should go with them. 
Does this dac exist?
Wired 4 sound. 
Mac Mini or Transporter
I don't want to hijack the thread. Send me an email and let me know what you want to know. 
Mac Mini or Transporter
As per Tvad the Mac Mini is the way to go, although I can tell you PC sounds more dynamic w/ better resolution and much much better bass than Mac. However with either I suggest an Empirical audio Off ramp if you plan to use USB. If you go w/ the M... 
Damn Apple..a fence sitter's dilemma
I cannot really comment on that accurately anymore but the conclusions are sound. In testing it was also decided that it is best to keep music on an auxiliary drive, preferably a firewire drive. 
Damn Apple..a fence sitter's dilemma
Lossless formats can be converted other lossless formats. There is some debate is Apple Lossless is really lossless. Wav or Aiff are bigger files because there is less compression and therefore are a safer choice. 
Damn Apple..a fence sitter's dilemma
8GB of ram and SSD using Snow Leopard has been the best in our experiments with the mini. We also strip off non essential OS. That helps too but probably makes more difference in the older Macs. We're on our 3rd iteration using the new one with 2.... 
Damn Apple..a fence sitter's dilemma
It will be a while before Thunderbolt becomes a reality. For that matter it may not become any more widely used than Firewire. But then something will replace Thunderbolt after that. So you should probably just give up, since anything you buy will... 
Tyler Decades Not much press but how good?
It's only been a day. BTW I think they have a trial period. 
tube integrated for Harbeth under $2500
I used a Vac Avatar Super on HL5's and they were absolutely excellent together. 
Amp advice sought for Coincident Total Victory
I have owned two models of Coincident speakers (and many others used w/ Coincident gear), Frankensteins, Dragons, and the line stage. Their speakers are usually very synergistic w/ lower power, and also sound good with higher power. Personally I h... 
Good for you. Yes jitter is a real problem and most just hope their Dac deals with it. I'll let you in on a little secret. Virtually none of them do much to correct it. The Empirical Off Ramp converts USB and virtually eliminates jitter. I have tr... 
Mid-Fi Integrated Amps?
$1500 used on Audiogone would go a lot farther. I'd look for an Ayre Ax-7e but they will be more like $1700-ish. I would not worry that it's not enough power, but anotehr option would be a Plinius 9100. In either event you'd be moving beyond mid-fi. 
is there a best music player on the computer?
I do not think Windows Media Player is a good sounding player at all. It may be your best bet for internet radio, I'm not sure on that one as I don't listen to internet radio. However Media Monkey, J River, and Foo Bar are three good ones that wil... 
I agree with part of the above posts. If you go w/ a Mac mini as the server it has a toslink out you can use. That will be a simple approach, and I'm 99% sure your Dac accepts toslink. However toslink is not the best sounding connection method.