Von Schweikert VR5SE versus Wilson Watt Puppy 8

Would greatly appreciate your comparative impressions between the WP8 versus VR5SE speakers.

Thanks in advance
well---for me---i listened to both in a very good room--played with a spectron musician III (550 wpc @ 8ohm amp) thru a hovelend pre---and from a oracle cd and a great TT....i thoguht the wilsons were brighter and had great depth of soundstage, and overall very good sound.......but with the VR5's ...well... the von schwiekerts really were better in every way too me....more sound stage...they located and seperated each instrument and its notes very good...the air and detail and evenness of the overall sound--the blend of the low to mid transition all was flawless....and when you cranked them up (the host played them MUCH louder than i ever would play a stereo)....it was a physical impact....
...i just ordered the VR5SE's today....
First off congrats on your speakers/how long a wait? As we have some W* bashers here, it's good none of that occured. Buying speakers from impressions at the dealer's may not always tell you all. There are so many variables---The usual: your equip.vs theirs/your room vs theirs. How much run-in time on each set?--I'm sure either of these speakers would/could make a lot of us happy and I'm sure you will be happy with your choice.
As a long time Wilson owner, I recently upgraded my W/P7s to 8s not only because of its refinements but because Wilson makes the process of upgrading seamless and favorable. I could not be happier with the speakers and consider them a new benchmark.

However, it is clear to me that Wilson's new (and transitory) benchmark was motivated in response to the remarkable performance of competitors like the VR-5SE or the BE-20, either of which I'd gladly own.

Wilson's historically established high resale value should not influence your buying decision if you are sure of perfection when you hear it.

But it could come in handy if you aren't.
Congrats you saved a lot of money, got good musics and feel really good about that. Keep enjoying the music from your VS VRSE's.

Speakers are always personal Judgments. I also have owned Wilsons and Quads at various times and right now I'm enjoying the music from my W/P 8s. They sound wonderful in my listening environment and system. I'm sure your VR5SE's would sound good here too.

BTW: I was at C.E.S. 2007 and I noticed W/P8's were used in more rooms than any other speaker. The reason for that can be many things.

Best show was Rockport's.

enjoy the music